Saturday, June 13, 2020

Youth On Their Own Cards

One of the stamp clubs I'm a member of takes donations of cards for the local Youth On Their Own young people.  These are young adults that have lived in foster care until they turn 18 then they have to exit the program.  This organization helps them find a place to stay, and so much more.  We donate cards for their birthdays and occasionally other events.

This is a pile of 65 cards from the last 12 years or so that I either made or received in trades. I stuffed each one in an envelope and now have them bagged and ready to go if our group meets in 2 weeks. All of these are blank inside and some have sentiments on the fronts.  I have to admit this pile did make a little dent in my stash.

Stampin Carol

The number of God's years is unsearchable. Job 36:26

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