Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Busy Desk and More!

It has been quite the week!  And this Saturday I get to play and go to a crop!  Woo Hoo!  Anyway, my view of my desk is something I try to do weekly and take part in a blog tour of desks.  This is week 491 and brought together by head desker Julia at the Stamping Ground!

I was working on my hubby's Bday card when an order came in for some customers.  Needless to say, I stopped work on the card and sorted the order. But the paper trimmer has some of the paper I'm using and, if you look up by the folded OTT light to the left, you can see the dies I'm using and a bit the the project just to the right of the dies.  Far left are a bunch of finished cards that I want to send to a Be Brave card drive for people with/survived cancer and/or caregivers.  I think I'll be pretty busy Friday when I get another break.

Later today I head to church to help set up and work a small carnival-style party for kids to give them a safe and secure place for Halloween.  We have games and food and LOTS of candy! The last few years we've had over 400 show up, including parents.  It will last a couple hours and we'll have a couple breaks to hand out door prizes and give a gospel message. Then Thursday I go back and assist cleaning the church (my regular job). This event is a lot of fun but a LOT of work and I'll barely be able to drive home for exhaustion!

I teach a monthly class and my old Tonic guillotine style trimmer just doesn't do the job anymore. So when I was in Tucson last Saturday I stopped by Hobby Lobby and guess what I found!

There was quite the discussion about paper trimmers on a FB group I belong to and this CutterPillar Pro was highly recommended.  I got it for under $85 with tax as I had my 40% off coupon.  That's cheaper than Amazon!  But the measurement numbers were a bit hard to read so...

I rubbed some black paint in the numbers then rubbed off the excess.  Yeah, the paint didn't all rub off where I wanted it to but I can see the numbers!!! And this baby has quite the light at the cutter bar!

That thing will blind you! Love the lifetime warranty on the rotary cutter.  I keep the paper on the trimmer in a nice little drawer underneath the cutting area.  I haven't used it yet for making card kits but that will be next week.

Now I know this was a bit photo heavy but you've reached the end!  Please head over to the Stamping Ground and check out other links to desks.  I'll have to visit off and on the rest of the week since I'll be busy.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gnomes Gnomes Everywhere!

I've had to really get my tush in gear yesterday to get these 20 Christmas tags done for a special swap this Saturday.  I hate waiting until the last minute and that seems the be happening a bit too frequently lately. And I knew what stamp set I wanted to use and I just LOVE the Gnomes!!  So here they are....

It felt so good to get these packaged and put in my tote.  What a relief!

This tag looked so much brighter when I edited it and put my name on it.

All products except 1 are from Fun Stampers Journey.

Stamps: Gnome For the Holiday stamp set  (SS-0588) and Gnome For the Holiday die set (DI-0452),
 and sentiment from Sparkle Trim (SS-0495)
Cardstocks: Cranberry Bliss (CS-0097) and Whip Cream (CS-0040)
Other papers: Glossy white from my 20 year old stash and wood grain from a retired FSJ Print paper pack
Dies: Frosty Snowflake (not available)
Ink: Black Licorice (IP-0041)
Coloring: Color Burst Pencils (JM-0077)
Other: Sparkle Silk (IP-0126)
Adhesives: Foam Squares (AD-0085), Glue Dots (AD-0083), and Easy Glide Runner (AD-0081)
Tools: Platinum machine (TO-0090) and Bloom Tool(TO-0073)

Starting Thursday you can start ordering through the FSJ/SB logo link in the sidebar.  FSJ is in the process of uploading all their product. They will be tweaking the products to keep coordinating dies near the correct stamp sets.  I took a look yesterday and it is coming along nicely!

You still have today and tomorrow to order our fabulous acrylic blocks at 20% off or all the blocks and the carrying case for $99.  Tax and shipping not included.


Friday, October 26, 2018

Thankful for You

I have had one of those weeks and I really don't have anything new for today.  And I have a class this morning teaching my Thankful For You cards.  Here's the 4 cards but I'll share all the info on the cards next week.

I totally forgot about my class until this past Tuesday and it was one of those heart pounding moments!  Oh my gee!  I need to get myself in gear!!!  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday prepping plus doing a video, getting lots of laundry done, and oh so much more that I just felt overwhelmed! And yesterday I had to watch a 2 hour video on how FSJ is transitioning to joining up with Spellbinders and various things I really needed to know! So, please forgive me. I hope to get back into the swing Monday. Tomorrow I go to Salsa (a Tucson based stampers group) and maybe go to the Tucson Stamp Expo.

Also, previous links to products will go nowhere as of November 1.  I will need to investigate how to link to the new Spellbinders/FSJ site.  I see that many FSJ products are starting to be loaded into SB's site as Coming Soon.  How exciting!!  But you can still order through my FSJ Shopping Cart to my FSJ website through the end of the month.  Then, Nov. 1, my FSJ website disappears.  Yep, gone. So there is much going on. And I have LOTS of training to go through.  Ugh.

Stamping Carol

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Life is Better With Friends

This is the 4th and last card I made from FSJ's October Bloom Box. I have to admit that I liked each card design very much and really didn't change anything about any card except I didn't add more color to the background on this card and the reason.... I didn't read the directions! Ok. I'm more of a visual person.  Also, I'm only going to give the SKU #s as FSJ is now working to add product to Spellbinders website under coming soon and I don't want to be changing links, etc.  Until the end of day of Oct. 31 you can still purchase FSJ products by clicking on the FSJ shopping cart at the top of the side bar. At this time you can also order the Nov. Bloom Box which has a really cute stamp set called "Cup of Tea" which also has a coordinating die set available.

Isn't this pretty!!  I can see this card being used to uplift a friend, maybe as a get well along with birthday!  I used FSJ's Colorless Blender and a Sofft Tool to remove any static to the Bubble Gum background and Vellum to be sure my embossing powders didn't adhere where they weren't supposed to.

I did some heat embossing which I don't do often enough! And a bit of Journey Glaze to the tops of the Cone flowers really sets them off!

Stamp Set: Beautiful Friendship (SS-0643)
Dies: Border Essentials (DI-0495) and Journey Ovals (DI-0042
Cardstocks: Bubble Gum (CS-0099), Limeade Splash (CS-0020), Cocoa Powder (CS-0008), and Whip Cream (CS-0040)
Inks: Clear Pigment (IP-0102), Rustic Rose (IP-0151), Limeade Splash (IP-0019), and Cocoa Powder (IP-0016)
Specialty Paper: Journey Vellum (PP-0044)
Coloring & Mediums: Clear Embossing Powder (IP-0097), White Embossing Powder (IP-0098) Colorless Blender (JM-0095), Sparkle Silk (IP-0126), and Dark Roast Silk (IP-0095)
Tools: Details Pro Shears (TO-0063), Journey Days Stapler (TO-0118), Brush Silver Staples (TO-0120), Media Tray (TO-0122), Journey Sofft Tools (JM-0098), and Journey Heat Gun (TO-0083)
Embellishments: Journey Sequins Bloom Time (AD-0114)
Adhesives: Foam Squares Med. (AD-0084), Easy Glide Runner (AD-0081), and Journey Glaze (AD-0002)
Since this card came precut you would need a die cutting machine such as the Platinum (TO-0090) and a Paper Trimmer (TO-0039) to prep your own card.

And so that you know, I am an affiliate with Fun Stampers Journey and Spellbinders so if you click through my links and purchase I will be receiving a commission on your products.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Another Wednesday, Another Desk

It sure feels like it was only a couple days ago that I shared my desk!  I have been so busy with projects and such that time just seems to fly!  Yesterday we got oodles of rain, over 3/4"!  And I was working on finishing one project so I could start on my kits for class on Friday. I took this picture yesterday early afternoon because that's when the thought came to me and I felt I had better act on it or it was gone and who knows when it would come back.  This desk view and the links to many others are being organized by the lovely Julia at the Stamping Ground.  This is week 490!!

Here you can see my colored pencils tin on the far left. Just to the left of my work area is a box of glue dots, a direction booklet for the set of cards I have been working on (last 1 is in progress) sitting on top of my kits direction sheets.  Center the card with the stamp set in front of my rag tray and such.  Far right my foam squares in a baggie, Ott light, and small Platinum 6 machine.

I looked back at a couple previous WOYWW posts I made and realized I didn't share my projects that I gave peeks of.  So my Oct. 10 desk I showed some flower parts.  Here's what they made, a Fall Wreath.  And my desk last week I was working on this Christmas card for my Nov. class.

I've shared in a few of my last posts 3 of the 4 cards that's a part of the kit I purchased. My desk has card 4.

Last Saturday hubby and I went to a fun fest at a place called Apple Annie's Orchard in Willcox, AZ.  We rode the hay ride and picked a couple of pumpkins then made it through a HUGE corn maze!  What a hoot!

Well, this is the end of my post for today.  Please head over to the Stamping Ground and check out the other crafters and their desks!


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Sweet Friendship

Are you enjoying my cards from FSJ's October Bloom Box?  Well, there's 2 more to go and here's the third....

I love this new stamp set, Beautiful Friendship (SS-0643!!  (As if I haven't said that already...)
And with this card being a bit more monochromatic, it's very elegant!

Card Stocks: Rustic Rose (CS-0142), Bubble Gum (CS-0099), Limeade Splash (CS-0020, and Whip Cream (CS-0040
Inks: Rustic Rose (IP-0151), Limeade Splash (IP-0019), and Cocoa Powder (IP-0016)
Dies: Border Essentials (DI-0495) and Tag Set (SR-0014)
Silks: Sparkle (IP-0126) and Dark Roast (IP-0095)
Tools: Details Pro Shears (TO-0063), Paper Trimmer (TO-0039), and Platinum (TO-0090)
Embellishments: Lemon Grass Thread (AC-0132), Cocoa Powder Gingham Ribbon (AC-0110), and Journey Sequins Special Celebrations (AC-0115)
Adhesives: Foam Squares Med. (AD-0085), Easy Glide Runner (AD-0081), and Glue Dots (AC-0083)

I'm giving you the links which are good until the end of October and the SKU # which will carry over to our new website that FSJ will share with Spellbinders. Once the website switches over I'll be just giving you the SKU #.  I do have a link to Spellbinders in my sidebar and welcome you to check it out.  I have recently gotten in some dies to play with and will be sharing some projects with those probably next week.

The November Bloom Box is now available and there is a coordinating die set, Cup of Tea (DI- 0508) for it at $12.95.  This new set is fabulous, Cup of Tea, especially for tea lovers!

If you want this Bloom Box with the 4 card kits, please order BEFORE the end of the month.  I'm not sure yet whether this will remain at a Bloom Box after the switch over or if it will just be the stamp set.


Monday, October 22, 2018

Life Is Better With Friends

Did you see my card in the last post?  I am so loving the FSJ stamp set, Beautiful Friendship (SS-0643)!!  Through the end of this month its part of the October Bloom Box.  After that you can get just the stamp set through my FSJ/Spellbinders link in the side bar.

This card is from one of the kits in the Bloom Box as was the last card. Isn't it just beautiful??
There are no coordinating dies with this stamp set so I fussy cut all the flowers.  Actually, they were pretty easy to cut!

I love how the Sparkle Cuts really added BLING to the flowers!

Card Stocks: Whip Cream (CS-0040) and Rustic Rose (CS-0142)
Inks: Haystack (IP-0154), Limeade Splash (IP-0019), and Cocoa Powder (IP-0016)
Coloring: Journey Gold Silk (IP-0096) and Dark Roast Silk (IP-0095)
Tools: Details Pro Shears (TO-0063)
Embellishments: Journey Sparkle Cuts (AC-0151)
Adhesives: Foam Squares Med. (AD-0085) and Journey Glaze (AD-0002)

I did learn while stamping the stems that you must be very careful not to roll the inked stamp as you apply the it to the card stock.  It's real easy to do this and you can get a "halo" that doesn't look good.  I ruined my first attempt at the stamped stems and had to start over so be forewarned.

Do you have a special person you would send this to?  I have a few that would love to get this card!


Friday, October 19, 2018

Friends Make the World Beautiful

Yeah, I'm late today.  But this beautiful card was made while I was making my FB Live video and is now on YouTube!  I almost didn't order this set along with the Bloom Box it came in.  But, I did and oh do I like this set!  It's called Beautiful Friendship and its SKU is SS-0643.  After Nov. 1 it will be available as the stamp set only, no more Bloom Boxes.

There's so much you can do with this set!!!!  And I love the combination of colors in this card!

Can you think of a friend to send this card??  It would bless them tremendously!

Card Stocks: Haystack (CS-0146) and Whip Cream (CS-0040)
Inks: Haystack (IP-0154), Limeade Splash (IP-0019), Cocoa Powder (IP-0016), Rustic Rose (IP-0151), and Bubble Gum (IP-0058)
Die: Journey Squares (DI-0038)
Coloring: Journey Gold Silk (IP-0096) and Bubble Gum Silk (IP-0092)
Tools: Details Pro Shears (TO-0063)
Embellies: Journey Sequins Bloom Time (AC-0114) and I Heart Clip (AC-0261)
Adhesives: Foam Squares Med. (AD-0085) and Journey Glaze (AC-0002)

I'll share another card on Monday so come on back!  And don't forget to check out my YouTube video channel.  The link is in the sidebar!


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Yesterday I did my FaceBook Live video and made this card. You can click on my YouTube in the sidebar and check out the vast majority of my videos - all live and no editing.  Anyway, this card is one I'll be teaching Nov. 30 in Green Valley, AZ.

I teach 4 cards and must take into consideration the number of gals usually in my classes (4 - 8), the skill levels (most are really good!), and how talkative some are (oh yeah).  My class runs abut 2 hours so my cards are relatively easy to make so the gals can get them mostly completed in that time frame.

This one is quite layered and I think with the black and white and a splash of color it is very elegant!

Products used:
Card stocks:  Whip Cream (CS-0040) and Journey Brush Gold (CS-0134)
Stamps: Adore Him stamp set (SS-0528) and coordinating Adore Him die set (DI-0448)
Other Dies: Holy Nativity (DI-0456) and Pocket Cuts (DI-0219)
Ink: Black Licorice (IP-0041)
Adhesives: Easy Glide Runner (AD-0081), Foam Squares Med. (AD-0085), and Foam Squares Sm. (AD-0084)
Tools: Platinum machine (TO-0090), Details Pro Shears (TO-0063), Bloom Tool (TO-0073),
Paper Trimmer (TO-0039), and Crease Tool (TO-0040)

I am now including the SKU #s as the links for each product will cease to exist Nov. 1. At least with the name of the product and/or SKU you can find these items in our new upcoming website. Just watch for the new LOGO in the side bar in place of the shopping cart that's there now.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Follow Your Heart Launch Party!

Dec. 1 FSJ will have their "Follow Your Heart" Launch Party!  Anyone can watch the YouTube BUT if you want to make the projects and get the products you MUST order one of the two Bundles shown below! With the purchase of the Bundle of your choice you will get the exclusive video link to the Make and Take portion of the show. Clink on the Shopping Cart before November 1 or HERE or on the new link when I get it up and running sometime Nov. 1.

I have ordered the Plus Project Kit as there are the coordinating dies for the Sending My Love stamp set and a fun 3D project!

Here are some additional Facts....

You will need additional supplies to complete the projects. 

Join in on the Fun!!


Is It Workdesk Wednesday Already?

Yep, again!  It's beginning to seem this day comes every couple days instead of every 7 days!!  And it's week 489.  Can you believe this has been going on for that many weeks?? I joined up about week 185 and back then there were over 100 people taking part. Now there's about 30 but it's still going! And the lovely Julia at the Stamping Ground is the one who started this!  I've met (virtually) so many and love following what they do.  But I now need to share my desk.  I had just cleaned it up after working on a project for my FaceBook Live video at 10:30 this morning Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time, no daylight time for us!)

There is a pile of stuff just barely showing on the far left.  It is a new stamp set and 4 card kits I have yet to make. Hopefully soon....  In front of the red box full of acrylic blocks is a pile of the stamps, dies, and some papers I am using in my project today.  In the middle of my work area are the components of my project and my scissors.  Far right is my Platinum 6 machine.  And along the back are shelves, baskets, racks of ink and who knows what.

I was cleaning my mess to head to my recliner to give my eyes a break (didn't sleep well Monday night) when I remembered I had to get this post ready!  Once I shut down my computer or clean my work desk I usually don't get back to them.

Anyway, thanks for popping by.  I have been busy making little Halloween Treat Boxes (see previous posts) for our grandkids, great grandkids, and bank tellers.  The bank tellers are the sweetest gals and I felt compelled to make them goodies.  So, now you've reached the end of my post and please head over to the Stamping Ground and check out all the other desks!


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

More Pillow Boxes and a Goody!

Did you see my post yesterday?  Well, I have 5 more little Pillow Box treats to share plus a goody!

The goody is a box of Animal Crackers I covered with some black light-weight paper from my stash.

I used a retired stamp from last year that had not yet seen the dark of ink!  Oh my! This cute character is "Lil Monster"!  I added current and retired dot embellishments and added some color with our Color Burst Pencils.  Isn't he just adorable!! He's for our grandson who is lactose intolerant but he can eat these with no problems!

I used an assortment of products on these little boxes.

Stamps: Party Ghosts
Dies: Party Ghosts and Snapshot Frames
Inks: Black Licorice & Hazelnut Blend
Silks: Black Licorice and Sparkle
Card Stocks: Citrus Cooler, Tangerine Fusion, Black Licorice, Lavender Fusion, Grape Fusion, and
Whip Cream
Other: Color Burst Pencils, Platinum machine, Foam Squares, White Liner tape

Aren't these just too fun!! What have you made for Halloween?


Monday, October 15, 2018

Halloween Pillow.... Boxes!

Last Friday I made a FB Live video showing a couple cute little Halloween Pillow Boxes I made for the gals at our Credit Union.  (You can watch it by clicking on my YouTube logo in the sidebar then clicking on my Oct 12 video.)  I had just gotten in the cute Mini Pillow Die and just HAD to play with it!

I used our Black Licorice card stock, Black Licorice ink, and more! How do you like the mini bow?  That is made from our Create A Bow Mini die and paper from our Fall-O-Ween Prints.

These are pretty small and I was able to get the small packages of M & Ms in them.  You can also fill with Dove candies, Nuggets, or whatever as long as its small.

Also used:
Card Stocks: Tangerine Fusion
Silks: Black Licorice and Sparkle
Stamps: Holiday Clips

Tomorrow I'll be sharing 5 more little Pillow Boxes as I need 7 total for the gals at our credit union.

Do you make little goodies like this for special people in your life?


Friday, October 12, 2018

A Fall Wreath

Over on my FB page a couple days ago and on my Instagram account I gave a teaser of some items I made for a special project.  Well, I did finish it and it is now hanging on my front door!

I used a wide variety of card stocks and dies.
Bloom Cluster, Clover Bloom, Cottage Bloom, Star Burst Bloom, Summer Branch, Wedding Sprig, and Summer Bouquet SR.  
As to which card stocks, I don't remember.  I just pulled those that made me think of fall colors.
I added ink to the tips of all the flowers pieces before assembling.
I also used my Platinum machine as the Summer Bouquet die is huge!

I also used an assortment of fun dots from our many collections.
A bit of Tangerine Fusion Ribbon for the bow and some Natural Twine to hang a couple of my favorite colored beads (they do have some copper color in them).  And I used a braided rope wreath I purchased this past spring from a craft/hobby store in our town and on sale!

Don't forget that as of Nov 1 all my links will not work as we transition to a new website that has both FSJ and Spellbinders. I am an affiliate for both and will get the link when the time comes.  You can head to Spellbinders now by clinking on the link in the sidebar.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Christmas Is On The Way!

Yesterday I made a FB Live video making the card I'm sharing here.   I do have a link in the left sidebar to my YouTube page if you so desire to watch my videos.  They're unedited and all me. You know, that could be a scary thing as I do share some personal info now and then, my phone sometimes rings and wobbles from being bumped, and who knows what!  My hubby says I can be very funny.

But on to my card.  I need to get my Christmas card samples done to show at my Oct. 26 class. I needed 2 cards using our beautiful Christmas Sprig stamp set and this is number 2.  I'll have to look back to see if I shared the first one.

I was inspired by a card made by a friend though I did change it a bit.

I colored with our Color Splash Pencils and used Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Scalloped Ovals LG dies (SKU: S4-111).  Since I'm an affiliate for both companies I can start using my SB dies and YOU can purchase them (through the SB link in the sidebar)!

Other Products Used:
Card Stocks: Black Licorice and Whip Cream
Silk: Cranberry Bliss
Twine: Candy Apple
Ink: Black Licorice
Other: Pearls, Blending Brush Lg, Platinum machine, Bloom Tool, Paper Trimmer, Crease Tool, Easy Glide Runner, Foam Squares Med., Heat Tool, and Details Pro Shears

Please remember that all the links I give here will NOT work as of Nov. 1.  Posts after that date will have the new links or SKU numbers.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Another Workdesk Wednesday!

Didn't we just do this a couple days ago??  Sure seems that way.  But I have been busy on a variety of things, including becoming an affiliate for Spellbinders!!!  Also have applied for my Arizona State Sales Tax Permit, a PayPal business account, and getting the PayPal credit card swipe!  Goodness!

Anyway, enough of my busy business days but today you, my dear reader, get the opportunity to view my desk, and, if you take on the mission, the viewing of oodles of desks all over the U.S. and Europe!  All this has been put together by Julia at the Stamping Ground!  I have to admit I was working on a Christmas project yesterday and almost forgot to take my picture!

Now, the project on my desk has almost been completed! But I'll try to share that next week.  So, you see a pile of stamps and such to the far left, my project pieces in the middle, tools and my large Platinum machine far right.  This project, and a couple more similar, must be done before Thanksgiving as they will be needed by the recipient right after for the Christmas decorating!

But I did finish a fall project last night that I love.  Here are some of it's pieces...

This project will be shared here on my blog possibly tomorrow or Friday so you will need to come back or maybe next week I'll share the link to it.

So please head on over to the Stamping Ground and check out the links to all the desks!  Maybe we'll pass in the process!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Red Sails on the Sea

As I was trying to figure out the title to this post and looking at my card I was reminded of the old OLD song, Red Sails in the Sunset.  It still plays now and then on a IHeart station I listen to and I can sing along with it almost entirely.  But this card came about because of the "netting" on it.  That was the mystery item we were given last month at a monthly stamp group in Tucson.  It is actually an item from the $ store called Mummy netting or something to that effect.

Does it look like fish net?? Did you notice the piercing around the oval?  It's included in the die set!

I used FSJ Color Splash Pencils to color the stamped images but the green in the sea isn't showing up as it does IRL. There is a more definite difference between the sky and sea on the card.

Stamps: The Bright Side
Ink: Black Licorice
Card Stocks: Whip Cream and Beach Breeze
Dies: Journey Ovals
Coloring: Color Splash Pencils
Other: Blending Brush, Craft Glue, Foam Squares, Blue Skies Sequins, and the Platinum machine

I really like how this turned out.


Monday, October 8, 2018

Skeletons and Treats

Last Friday I made a FB Live video while making this cute little treat box.  If you watched it (you can go to my YouTube Channel - Link on sidebar) I mentioned about it easily becoming a headless skeleton.  I did fix that issue before it happened but a friend watching got a real kick from me saying that.  It really tickled my funny bone, too.

Here's the finished treat box.  Since our Triangle Treat die set really needs 12" paper I grabbed this skeleton print from our Fall-O-Ween Prints but had to go to a retired stamp set for a skeleton! I probably should have (I still can....) ordered our Skeletons Dance Bundle as it would have worked perfectly for this!!!

You have to carefully pull on the skeleton's head to open the end of the box to get to the goodies.  I have added a small Foam Square to keep this little guy from becoming headless.  I think I need to add a little pull tab or ribbon to use instead.

I put a couple little bags of M & Ms in the box to show you how this opens. 

Other products used:
Card stocks:  Whip Cream & Black Licorice
Other Stamps: Happy Pumpkin Bundle
Other Dies: Pennant Fun
Ink: Black Licorice
Silk: Black Licorice
Bling: Rhinestones
Other: White Liner Tape, Craft Glue, Crease Tool, Bloom Tool, Foam Squares Med., Details Pro Shears, and Platinum machine

I have used this die set to make "cake" boxes and do have a YouTube video dated July 6 of this year.

I think I"m about done with Halloween projects.  We don't really celebrate it but do take part working at our church doing an alternative to Halloween party for children and to give them a safe place to play games, eat, and have fun. 


Friday, October 5, 2018

Pumpkin on a Match Box

I'm still playing with our FSJ Matchbox Steel Rule Die and made this little box for our youngest great grandson who is 3.  I know he won't appreciate the work in it but will be looking for what's in it so I didn't get very fancy.

I splatted the top with our Black Licorice Silk and afterward thought it made the pumpkin look like it has the measles! The scallop square is made using an old Spellbinders die that I've had for maybe 10 years and it's still available! It's from the Nestabilities Classic Scalloped Squares SM Etched Dies set.

I used a Blending Brush to add some Sparkle Silk to the eyes and mouth for a hint of bling.

Stamps: Jack O Lanterns Bundle
Dies: Matchbox Steel Rule and Journey Squares
Card stocks: Black Licorice, Citrus Cooler, and Lemon Drop
Ink: Black Licorice
Silks: Black Licorice and Sparkle
Other: Platinum machine, White Liner Tape, and Foam Squares

I think the little guy will like this and I know his mom will!  Are you getting your Halloween projects done?


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Trick or Treat, It's a Matchbox!

I finally got some time to craft Tuesday and knowing I need to make some goodies for Halloween for our grand son and great grandsons, I got busy!  I looked through my dies and decided on the Match Box die.

I did use a retired Hostess Reward set (Hallow's Eve)  as I've never used it before and it was perfect for this.  Of my current Halloween stamp sets, none were quite what I wanted.  Maybe after Nov. 1 it will be available again, I don't know. There is another set that was part of this Hostess set but I didn't use any of the stamps from it.  I cut the belly band from Citrus Cooler card stock then added strips of Whip Cream and Lemon Drop to give a color of Candy Corn.

Here's a closer look at the tag...

Products used:
Die: Matchbox Steel Rule Die, Circle Around, and Scallop Dies
Card stocks: Black Licorice, Citrus Cooler, Lemon Drop, and Whip Cream
Ink: Black Licorice
Silks: Sour Lemon and Citrus Cooler
Ribbon: Black Licorice Satin
Platinum machine, Foam Squares, White Liner Tape

Do you have a youngster that would enjoy a special little treat box like this??  It was relatively easy to make and you can change up the tag using what you have!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Workdesk Wednesday, oh my!

Not only has Wednesday come around quickly but it's now OCTOBER!!!  Shocking! Seems like we're still in August!  But, this is also week # 487!!!  Isn't that amazing that this fun blog tour of desks has been going on for that long!!! Oh my!  And this fun tour is the brainchild of the amazing Julia at the Stamping Ground!!  

My desk was busy yesterday afternoon!  I was working on a little Halloween treat box using my FSJ MatchBox die set.  I also used an assortment of other FSJ products. If you click on the pic you can see the box at the top left corner of my scrap paper that I work on. Also you can see the 2 pieces of another match box using orange and black paper.  But on the far left is a piece of black card stock that I cut out a Spellbinder die, some stamps, dies on a magnetic strip, and oodles of other stuff.  Far right is my Platinum machine with a piece of black card stock that I cut out the match box die and a scallop circle for my little box. Usually the back shelves don't change but I may be rearranging them a bit later.

I will be sharing my little box with supplies used on Friday.  So, if you want to see more of it then you will need to come back!  I really need to get some candy and stuff so I can get my goodies ready to send to family.

So now head on over to the Stamping Ground and check out all the links to other desks.  I'll be popping in and out most of the day.