Friday, May 30, 2008

June Specials

Here is your reminder of our June specials.

This cute bear set is called "Bear My Hugs" and it is our vintage set. It costs $10.95 when you have a qualifying order of $30 (before shipping/taxes). It came out in our 2001/2002 catalog. It stayed in circulation through the 2004/2005 catalog. It wasn't in the 2005/2006 catalog.

This cute butterfly set is called Butterfly Boxes and is $5.95 when you have a qualifying order of $30 (before shipping/taxes). The line above the set is not included! Somehow I messed up when scanning this into my computer.

Another Christmas card

I'm still working on some Christmas cards while I play with the challenges on Paper Wings.
This card uses cardstock from the Brights Cardstock Stack and Merry Wishes (retired). It is such an easy layout! The Believe is from the Be Authentic set and is being retired in June. I stamped the work with Noir Palette Hybrid Ink and added a hot pink ribbon from my stash.

So now I have 5 Christmas cards made toward my goal of 50! I'll really get rolling after I get home from Seminar. If you decide to try my layouts please email me an attachment of your card and I'll put it on my blog!!

Fabulous Tote!

This is my tote from Daily Window. Great bag!! It is large and holds a LOT! The art insert is made from Frutti Fusion Wing It Collection, a piece of blue cardstock, and our 2008 Seminar Set.

I colored the angel girl with Prismacolor Pencils after stamping with Noir Palette Hybrid Ink. I used Crystal Stickles to color in the wings and they really sparkle! I used Swoops & Swirls (a current Hostess A set) and Beau Arts Blue Palette Hybrid Ink to coordinate with the blue cardstock. This bag is definitely eye-catching! I'll be taking it to Seminar next month as my purse.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cactus Flower

I recently got a new camera, a Canon Powershot A590IS, from It has a "macro" setting which is great for close-ups. I probably could have gotten closer but am still getting used to the camera. This flower was on a cactus in our back yard. I like the clarity! The camera also has settings for portrait, pets & people (action shots), and more, even a 10 second video! Good thing it came this week as my old Kodak is really acting up after being dropped.

Christmas in May???

I accepted a couple of challenges on Paper Wings and start on my Christmas cards at the same time! Surprised?? Anyway, this first card uses patterned paper (Merry Wishes now retired but I have lots!) and the Cardstock Stacks. I stamped the Noel using the Swirly Bet and Palette Hybrid Noir ink. It's such a simple design but I sure like it!

This 2nd card also used the Merry Wishes paper collection and scrap piece of white cardstock. The stamped "Joy" is from the Whimsical Greetings set and stamped using L'Amore Palette Hybrid ink, I even inked the edges of the text cardstock. I did raise 2 of the small squares and the text using foam mounting tape or pop dots, which ever you have!

What's neat is that both these cards use so few supplies! You probably have some patterned and plain paper and a text stamp that you really like or even an alphabet set to make your own horizontal word, if you like.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Now showing!

Did I grab your attention with my little "sneak peeks"?? Well, now I'll give you the full sets! This first one is called "Sweet Goodies". It goes for $19.95 and is a set of 14.

This set is called "Linear Sentiments". Its has 13 stamps and goes for $19.95.

This cool Christmas set is called "Joy of Christmas". Can you see why? Anyway, its a set of 7 for $15.95.

And this last set is called "Butterfly Bits" and is a set of 9 for $19.95.

I have been working on my trades for our annual TAC™ Seminar mid-June. I'm nowhere near ready. I will post my trades here and in my gallery for your viewing. I'm being careful not to use any sets that are being retired. And, remember, I have many stamp sets for sale in my gallery on page 2 in the For Sale album. Some are already in pending status so check them out if you're interested in not-so-loved sets and click on the set for the full details about them.

And, Mary! Thanks for your comment! My friend and good customer, Wenda, lives in Roundup, MT. I met her at a stamp class in Billings, MT at Stampressions about 3 years ago. She is a sweet Christian lady.

And now, back to stamping!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final Sneak Peak

Have I caught your attention with these little bits and pieces of 4 new sets coming out? Well, this partial peak belongs to a set of 13!! The price will be $19.95 and you can use parts to stamp on ribbon even. I may have to get this one, I like it. Anyway, next week I'll post the actual full sets. So, keep looking up (as my friend, Wenda, in central Montana says) and stamp your art out! He He!!

Update on Retiring Sets

I have updated yesterday's post with page numbers and links. If you find a broken or incorrect link please let me know. Also, don't forget our May specials! We have the Auld Lang Syne Stamp Of The Month set and the Vintage set Flag Quilt. And we have 4 Limited Edition sets and paper specials. This may be the last time we have Vintage sets available. Also, check my personal website gallery for retiring sets I have for sale. I hope to get these uploaded today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Soon to be retired stamp sets

The word came out today. The following sets will not be available in the new Fall/Winter Inspiration Book & Catalogue coming out in June. If you want any of the following please place your order with me A.S.A.P. as this is the last chance to get them.

(pg.27) T-2746 A God Thing
(pg.36) T-2660 Abundance Is
(pg.53) T-2333 All Season Skinnies
(pg.75) T-2680 Animal Blocks
(pg.92) T-2604 Autumn Smiles
(pg.80) T-2265 Be
(pg.86) T-2181 Be Authentic
(pg.55) T-2656 Beach Fun
(pg.31) T-2605 Beautiful Place
(pg.67) T-2358 Birthday Buggies
(pg.21) T-2321 Blossom Builders
(pg.99) T-2515 Buggie Christmas
(pg.69) T-2202 Calendar
(pg.87) T-306 Chicken Scratch
(pg.37) T-2573 Distressed Designs
(pg.81) T-2124 Diva Dresses
(pg.56) T-2619 Don't Bug Me
(pg.19) T-2755 F is for Family
(pg.95) T-441 Faith Hope Love
(pg.27) T-2283 Fanciful Flowers
(pg.91) T-2562 Fangtastic
(pg.34) T-2650 Forget Not
(pg.90) T-2623 Friendly Goblins
(pg.76) T-2611 Friendly Note
(pg.92) T-2791 Giggly Goblins
(pg.54) T-2328 Hang Loose
(pg.69) T-2728 Happy Celebration
(pg.101) T-2713 Happy Holiday Squares
(pg.87) T-2769 He Said She Said
(pg.38) T-2406 Heart-itude
(pg.37) T-2325 Hip Hardware
(pg.40) T-2370 His Angels
(pg.92) T-2794 Jolly Jack-O-Lanterns
(pg.102) T-2704 License To Chill
(pg.56) T-2560 Lily Pad Pond
(pg.41) T-2375 Little Inspirations
(pg.40) T-2615 Live Inspired
(pg.100) T-2372 May Your Merry
(pg.69) T-2548 Mini Sampler
(pg.53) T-2334 More Season Skinnies
(pg.81) T-2578 My Favorites
(pg.41) T-2874 My Spiritual Journey
(pg.88) T-2821 My Story
(pg.45) T-2649 Needed Numbers
(pg.43) T-2661 Nurture Your Soul
(pg.43) T-2643 Old Friend
(pg.51) T-2357 Pals
(pg.68) T-2858 Party Notes
(pg.69) T-2690 Party Time
(pg.75) T-2683 Playful Paisley
(pg.76) R-2027 Pretty Posies
(pg.85) T-2540 Ragdolls
(pg.18) T-2774 Remembrance
(pg.100) T-2797 Retro Christmas
(pg.90) T-2788 Retro Halloween
(pg.100) T-2787 Retro Reindeer
(pg.90) T-2789 Retro Treaters
(pg.81) T-1232 Rub A Dub
(pg.51) T-2353 Sassy Cats
(pg.75) T-2712 Sentimental Boxes
(pg.61) T-2152 So Girly Swirly
(pg.45) T-2288 So Silly
(pg.32) T-2639 Stipple Bet
(pg.87) T-2221 Sweet Sayings
(pg.88) T-2695 Swirly Seasons
(pg.50) T-2327 The Buzzz
(pg.92) T-2800 The First Thanksgiving
(pg.95) T-2618 The Only Thing
(pg.33) T-2566 Tip Toe
(pg.92) T-2602 Too Spooky
(pg.27) T-2301 Truly Blessed
(pg.14) T-2360 Wedding Wishes
(pg.69) T-1205 Wishing You
(pg.33) T-2569 Write It
(pg.38) T-2823 You Are Mine
(pg.17) T-2809 You're A Hoot
(pg.69) T-1203 You're Invited

I hope I have the numbers correct but you can check with your catalogue or at my online catalogue. Dang, a lot of my stamp sets are listed here. And some are my favorites! I may be putting a few of mine in my For Sale album in my gallery.

Another Sneak Peak and more info!

Ok, here is another piece of a new set coming out in next month's Inspiration Book. It's in a set of 14 and costs $19.95. The set is good for almost any season! These 2 samples here could work for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Easter!

In the left hand menu there are some new items! I have become an affiliate with Daily Window. Just click on the picture and see the great items to showcase your art or favorite pics of grandkids, family, pets, whatever! They sometimes post coupons to get a percentage off and the shipping is reasonable. I have the 8 Days a Week bag coming and I can't wait!

Also, down lower, is a picture of Angelhood 3. I have some links right under it of 3 other angels. We are to support and encourage each other. This "angelhood" is to remind us to post on our blogs regularly (I do this pretty good, so far) and comment on the projects. I'm excited to be a part of this group and encourage other TAC™ angels to join us. Find how by going to PaperWings (you must sign in or set up an account & be an active angel) and finding the info in the Forum under Blogging (way down the list). There are 2 other Angelhoods but we are being limited to 10 per "hood" so we won't be overwhelmed on visiting our hood associates.

Well, my air conditioner kicked in at 8 this morning and we are setting high record temps for this time of year. I've even done 4 loads of laundry, made 2 dozen cupcakes, and gone to the post office already! Think I'll play at my stamp table for a while now! Happy stamping!

Matchbox Greeting

After seeing this on Heather Scott's blog, I just had to try it! I used a retired paper and stamp set but any of our products would work great for this. I even had to empty a small matchbox to do this but it's so worth it.

I used many sets to do the greetings, Life is Short, G is for Gratitude, and whatever I could find that fit the size and sentiment I was going for. For decorations I used Swoops & Swirls (a current hostess set) and Mini Sampler.

I plan on giving this to my sister-in-law in Dallas when we go there in August so Dean can attend Promise Keepers with my dad, brother, and nephew. I will give my brother the mini-album that was posted back a ways that has his Christmas pictures.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power Failure

Yesterday morning about 4:15 I was awaken by beeping. I got up and walked around and it was coming from my battery backup to my computer. Weird. I turned on the light, no lights! No power! But I had electricity everywhere else but the 2 small rooms. More weird. Breaker was good. Hmmm.... So I turned off the battery backup and went back to bed. We got up at 5:30 to get Dean ready for work and got a 25' extension cord to plug the freezer into a bathroom outlet across the hall from the room it's in. I also turned off the breaker to the 2 rooms as a precaution. I had to wait until 9:30 to call the place where we purchased the manufactured home and they had to call Champion Homes. About noon Bill at Adobe Homes in Tucson called me back and said someone from Champion would be calling. Well, about 10 minutes later a guy called and said I'd have someone here today to find the problem as it was considered an emergency. Needless to say, they called at 3 and were here by 3:30. Now, most homes are wired for 20 amps per breaker but these homes are wired at 15 with 14 guage wire (should have been 12, a bit larger wires). I had 20 amps running which, of course, was too much. I was so sure I fried some wiring but this didn't make any sense as the breaker didn't go off. Dad and a guy from church checked some outlets and we were getting a feed-back which isn't good. Now I'm worried about fire, frying my computer, or something. The guys got here and in 1 hour they found an outlet that was not wired properly. The manufacturer's fault!! Wahoo!! Anyway, it's all fixed. We moved the freezer to the other side of the room and it's now on the living room circuit which will carry it for now. The guy from church and my dh will run a new line and breaker just for the computer maybe a week from Saturday. The company guys did leave wire and an outlet but it's 14 guage wire and the same cheap outlets we already have in the house. We will get heavier wire and a better outlet ourselves. And I think we'll replace all the outlets and switches as they are not as good a quality as they should be, but then, this house didn't cost but $64,000. Can't expect the best stuff in a "double-wide" manufactured home. And this morning, the guy from Champion called again and he's ordered the new door for our dinged up fridge (dinged during set-up) after 6 months of knowledge!! I think this is the third time trying to get the door fixed. So, I'm taking my mom to lunch with the church gals and will stamp this afternoon. So keep watching. And on June 1 I can post about a really cool offer made to me! Happy stamping all!

Our son's playtime

Here is a page I made of my son's 4-wheelin'. A professional photographer did the sequence shots. I used a 12" x 12" cardstock from the Brights Cardstock Stack and coordinating cardstock. I matted words from the Live Inspired set and journaled using a stamp from the Punctuation set. The title was made from the Swirley Bet. I stamped everything using Orangerie Palette Hybrid ink since it coordinated so well.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Today's Sneak Peak and a Bling Card

I went way outside my comfort zone for this card. You can't see all the glitter and sparklies on it but every flower and butterfly just shines. I used a piece of paper from our Country Cottage Designer Collection which is now retired but we still have 4 great collections! Look in my Products section under Paper Collections and then Designer Collections. I stamped the flowers from Spring Dream in Palette Hybrid Noir on a scrap of white cardstock, colored with PrismaColor Pencils and added silver and turquoise Stickles. I started with Dark Blue cardstock from the Cardstock Stack and layered the blue from the Country Cottage Collection. I took a 3" x 3" piece of the yellow from the paper collection and folded it to sort of make a vase and inked the inside edges with Sunflower Palette Hybrid Ink and adhered it to the center of the card. I then cut out the flowers and adhered some with double-stick tape and some with Pop Dots to make them stand out more. I stamped the 2 butterflies from the Retro Butterflies set (which is currently a Hostess Set and not available until the new catalogue), colored and glittered them, and. after they were dry, I cut them out and mounted with Pop Dots. I don't usually do this much glitz and think this will make a great card for one of my granddaughters!

Here is another sneak peak of a stamp! This "piece" in in a set of 9 for $19.95. It certainly gives "wings" to some ideas!
A Company Update today about the Crop-a-Dile Big Bite: Our shipment of this highly-sought after product has finally arrived from the manufacturer and is now available for ordering purposes. Thank you for your patience as we awaited to receive our shipment.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Sneak Peak

I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak of a stamp in a set that will be in our new catalog coming out in June. This is a partial of a stamp in a set of 7 and will sell for$15.95. Is your curiosity nipped? Want to see more? We have 4 new sets and I plan to give you a small peek of all of them. We also have 3 new album kits from $8.95 to $14.95. "Sydney" is a circle album and will fit a new larger tin that will also premier in our new catalogue. Stay tuned!

Last Wednesday's Incident

We had quite an "incident" within 1/4 mile from our home last Wednesday. I have the news clips here. The pickup found with the drugs was only a couple hundred yards from our home in a arroyo (dry creek bed). I drove by in on the way home and it was encircled with yellow police ribbon. I missed it all as I was at Curves but my folks were home and told me about the Border Patrol on foot and horseback going through our yards searching for a missing man. To my knowledge he was not found and is also an "illegal". When I got home 2 helicopters circled around our neighborhood for another hour.

Life here is exciting! We are not to give water or anything to "passing people", especially rides. I-19 just 1 mile east of us is considered to be the major drug-running highway in AZ. I often see the Border Patrol with people that they take back to Mexico. I don't feel in any real danger as long as we remain observant and take precautions. I am thankful for the Border Patrol that drive our neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great American Scrapbook Convention

The Angel Company™ is proud to announce our participation in the Great American Scrapbook Convention sponsored by Memory Makers scrapbook magazine. The magazine reaches approximately 152,000 “eager scrapbookers”, and we are excited to showcase the amazing products and business opportunity offered by TAC™ to an audience who is yet unfamiliar with our company. We are looking forward to participating in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, show on July 25-26, and the Chattanooga, Tennessee, show on September 19-20. For more information and a glimpse at the classes we are offering (including a few with sneak peeks of new products being introduced with the Fall/Winter 2008 catalogue), visit the convention website at

TAC™ Product Updates!

Here are updates on some of our products!

We have received a shipment of D-701 Giga Scalloped Punch from the manufacturer and are excited to announce that this popular item is back in stock and available for ordering purposes. Thank you for your patience as we awaited shipment of this item.

We have received notification from the manufacturer that our shipment of the Crop-A-Dile II and the Crop-A-Dile II Case should be available soon. Please keep checking company updates for product availability.

We are happy to list this update per an Angel’s request. The Palette Ink Spots list the actual colors on the back of the package. This makes a great reference tool to refill your inks or know what color you are using. Thanks for sharing this great tip!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Golf Tee Matchbooks

I had a post a while back showing a Golf Tee Matchbook using a project angel Rita Kegg has on the Scor-Pal site. Well, I altered the pattern a bit so the cover actually holds the tees in the book.
The main cover for mine is 2 1/2" x about 10". I scored at 2", 2 1/2", 4 1/2" 71/8" (must move the cardstock a bit and score at 7") and a 1/2" from the 7 1/8" score. These samples use Mulberry Meadow SWIC (being retired) pattern pieces cut to fit the cover. I also used my Basic Grey Notch Tool to make the notch that holds the cover. The top center matchbook I added a little matching paper posie in the center of the large flower. The bottom left matchbook has a bit of matching ribbon from my stash. All use the Fore! stamp set but I used a retired set for the U!. The Kinder-Bet set works fine but it was just a bit larger than I wanted at this time. I stamped the texts with Palette Hybrid Noir ink. I think any of TAC™'s wonderful paper collections and cardstocks would make this a great gift project or craft fair item.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Discontinued or Temporarily Unavailable Items Information and

Item V-831, Mulberry Meadow™ Soar With It Collection™, has been discontinued and is no longer available for ordering. Look for some exciting new Soar With It Collections™ to be introduced with the Fall/Winter 2008 Inspiration Book & Catalogue coming out in June.

Item # F-904, Sky Blue Scrapper’s Floss (catalogue page 113), has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for ordering.

Please note that Item # D-701 Giga Scalloped Circle Punch located on page 117 of the current catalogue is temporarily unavailable.

The Big Bite Crop-a-Dile and case
will be unavailable until further notice. TAC™ apologizes for the delay in this much anticipated product, and thanks you in advance for your patience in this matter.

Indexing & Mounting Stamps

Since teaching some classes this past spring and showing the gals how to index and mount our rubber stamps I thought I should post it here also. This method makes our stamps so much easier to see the actual image on the cushion through the acrylic mounts and prevent (hopefully) from stamping your image upside down!

I use our 6" Kai scissors (which are very sharp!), Palette Hybrid ink (I usually use Noir), which usually is pretty fast drying, and the stamp which includes the Creative Cling cushion (which comes with the stamp from The Angel Comany™. The cushion comes 2 sided, one side very sticky which will adhere to the back of the stamp and 1 side which is slick and actually clings to the acrylic handle like a window cling.

Step 1 is to determine which side is which on the cushion. Do not remove the paper at this time! Place your rubber stamp, image up, against the paper of the sticky side and align 2 sides. Carefully cut off a corner of the two pieces together as this will help guide you through the rest of the mounting process. Now, if your rubber stamp set is very large, like the $19.95 sets, I do not cut off a corner but I very carefully cut the 2 layers in half going between images. This zig-zag cut will take the place of the corner notch. Be sure you do not cut through an image. This takes time and effort.

Now I usually find an acrylic mounting block close in size to the size of the rubber stamp and lay a couple strips of double-stick tape on it and stick my stamp on it. I then ink the stamp image. You can do this without the block and just lay your stamp on your worktable with the image up and ink. More than likely you'll also ink your fingers when you do the next step.

Now remove the paper from the slick side only! Carefully line up the notch and side and gently stamp the cushion. If you are not using a mounting block leave the stamp on the table (inked image up) and take the cushion to the stamp (slick side down to ink it). Remember to keep notch and sides aligned. Gently press the cushion onto the stamp. Be sure to press the entire cushion all over to get the whole image onto the cushion. If you are indexing a lot of stamps and using the taped blocks to hold your stamp do replace the tape occasionally or the stamp will fall off while you are preparing to stamp the cushion. This will leave a mess on your cushion and make indexing a mess. Believe me, I know!

Clean the ink off the stamp and your fingers. I prefer to let my cushion dry about 15 minutes before going any farther. If you are mounting a small stamp like a GWP I prefer to remove the entire paper off the sticky side and a carefully align the notch and 2 sides to the back of the rubber stamp and stick them together. On a larger stamp I will only fold back a small section of the paper and align edges. As I stick the cushion to the stamp I will then remove the rest of the paper and finish adhering the cushion to the rubber. Here you see the cushion adhered to the back of the stamp.

Now we will start to trip the image. With the rubber side up start trimming the excess rubber from the image. Do not undercut the cushion. Hold the scissors so the blades are straight up and down or cut so the cushion is cut slightly larger than the rubber. If you undercut the cushion your image may not stamp clearly. Your stamp needs a good "foundation" under it to give you the best stamped image. Since I am right-handed I have learned to cut to the left as shown below. This does take lots of practice but it does help in not undercutting. I would think if you are a lefty the reverse would apply.

Now you are ready to use your stamp! Do remember to remove any double-stick tape from your mounting blocks before you use them as the tape will ruin the slick (static cling) side of the cushion. Indexing your stamps in this manner will help greatly in positioning your images where you want them. I am occasionally off a bit with the indexed image compared to the rubber image but I stamp mostly from the outline of the mounted stamp and the indexed image just insures that I have my image right side up.

So now, go create!