Sunday, December 30, 2012

Be My Valentine

I'm still getting some Christmas cards so I need to get a bunch of Valentines made to send out.  This is my second one I made late last week.

I used some scraps and assorted stamps.  I made a bunch of cards kinda like this a year or so ago and have again seen this style crop up on Pinterest.

Isn't this little heart-shaped rhinestone cool???  I love it since it seems to color coordinate with the yellow panel.

I was thinking of adding a heart rhinestone in the middle of the heart but it just didn't look right.  I think this time less is more.  What do you think?

Tomorrow night we might be going to church to watch a movie and eat munchies prior to praying in the new year, depends on how Dean feels. He's getting a sore throat, cough, and headache which doesn't sound good. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful 2013. I also have a blogiversary coming up in February and am getting stuff together for some blog candy.  You gotta stay tuned!  And thanks to all my followers and subscribers for your continued support in reading my blog!  You all really bless me!

Friday, December 28, 2012

I {Heart} You

I need to start taking down the tree and getting decorations put away.  Boxes and stuff are in the way of my photo cube so my picture taking is not so great with shadows and focus issues.  Oh well.  I made 2 Valentine cards this week and so I'll post one here.  And I have to show you some of the candy we got for Christmas, it's on my plate candle holder.  Does make the candy very accessible....

I need to download the photo our son's girlfriend sent of her plate candle holder all decorated for Christmas.  She's an interior designer and her's is fabulous!  I don't have her eye for design, that's for sure.

I was playing on Pinterest the other day trying to get some ideas and this design popped out at me. My card isn't near as fancy or layered but I like the layout.  The letters and heart were made on my Cricut using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.

I used my white gel pen to add the lines and dots to the letters.  Kinda makes them pop a bit. I used some scraps from my HUGE pile for the paper.  The dotted is Basic Grey and the heart is from, uh, don't know. Oh well. The solid colored is Bazzill.  I need to get some Valentines made as I got some more Christmas cards Wednesday and don't want to send out more Christmas cards!  Would be kinda weird so I'll do Valentines.  Do you do this?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WOYWW 186 and a couple Christmas photos

Since my brother and his family are here I haven't been making anything except a large dinner and spending time with them.  We had Christmas dinner Sunday evening and there was 9 of us around the dinner table.  My little dining area was packed! But since today is Wednesday I wanted to post a pic of my work desk that is calling my name!!!  Julia at the Stamping Ground sponsors this great blog hop and you should pop over to her blog and check out those who are participating today.

I do need to get some stuff made today and get some directions finished for an upcoming class.  There's not much on my table but some stamps to get my mojo going.  I think I need to do some blurfing (blog surfing) to get some ideas...

My hubby purchased a cool blouse for me as a gift.  I wore it yesterday to IHOP as we (all 9 of us) descended on the Nogales, AZ restaurant for a very late breakfast.  Dean wanted to take a pic of me in the blouse and I thought it turned out (the picture) pretty good....

He learned that I am not a petite but the blouse fit just fine anyway.  I had to laugh as he said he knew he wasn't in the children's department of the store.....   And for dinner Sunday evening things got a little crazy.  My sister-in-law brought some Ready Whip in a can and we had a "food fight".  Oh my gosh! Here is Tayler (nephew's girlfriend's daughter) and nephew got into it...

Nick came out a whole lot less covered.  What fun times! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas with family!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

You Gave My Heart Wings!

We will be celebrating Christmas dinner today as my nephew will be heading home tomorrow after a round of golf.  I never could get into hitting that little ball around a grassy field toward a little hole WAY out there!  I much prefer getting a good fast horse under me and  racing the wind!  Needless to say, I have no horse but did many years ago.  But now, are you ready to see my hubby's favorite card of the 3?  Here it comes!

I've been dreaming of this card for a couple years.  Why did it take me so long???  I guess I was just waiting for the right time.  The hearts were done with the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, but not the wings!  Have you figured out how I made them?   Here's a closer look....

I added streaks of Icicle Stickles to give a hint of feathers (well, sorta) and added the little heart bead to the heart.  Wings and hearts were lightly sponged with brown ink.  Ok, now I'll tell you how I made the wings.  Believe it or not, I used a scalloped paisley die from Spellbinders and my Wizard machine!  Ha! Bet you didn't think of that!! The paper is by Authentique and the text is computer generated.  I used my new Fiskars Bubble border punch for the kraft side of the pattern paper.  Hmmm..... now what will I make for hubby?

I do have a post for Christmas day as I do celebrate the day my LORD and Savior came to earth as a son of man so that we can become sons of God.  I will be making Christmas dinner today when we get back from church.  We will be having some family time with my folks, my brother and his wife, my nephew and his girlfriend and her daughter.  Will be fun getting 9 of us to a table (2 actually).  Hope you have some great family time this week!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Free-Standing Valentine

I've finally gotten all 3 samples done for my Jan. 23 class at the AZ Scrapbooking store in Green Valley, AZ. I posted one a couple days ago and here's another. The third is NOT a free-standing card but one that I had envisioned for quite some time and I love how it turned out. Anyway, this one I really like too!

Here I have the card closed for mailing.  It fits fine in an A2 envelope and has no protruding pieces that "supposedly" will cost extra postage.  The text is computer generated.  Pattern paper is by Authentique.

And, voila!  Open and standing!!  The key is by a Cricut cartridge called Art Philosophy.  Had to search the book that came with the cartridge for the key.  It didn't show on the box!  The key was clear embossed to give it a more metallic finish.  My hubby really liked this card.  At least, until he seen the next card which you will have to wait until a soon-coming post!  No, I'm not being mean, just needing to space my projects with a brother and his family coming today sometime!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOYWW 185 and some fast Christmas cards

It's Wednesday!!!  Boy, it got here quickly!  I remembered about 4 pm my time yesterday and got it in gear to get ready for this post.  I was working on a few simple cards as I think I may run short.  But I digress...
Here's my desk.  After I made 7 cards using Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas paper I worked on another free-standing Valentine card for a January class.  You can see the beginning of the card, my sponges some hearts, a Sizzix heart die, and a Cricut cartridge I borrowed to make some elements for this card.  I'm not sure yet how it'll turn out...

The cartridge has a pretty cool heart but it looks too detailed for what I have in mind.  After checking out my post I recommend you visit Julia's wonderful blog, the Stamping Ground, and check out not only her blog but the many crafters who take part in the blog hop.

I decided to show you the cards I made yesterday.  Believe it or not, there's NO stamping on the covers!  The stickers that came in the package are so cool I felt I didn't need to add any stamping except for the insides.  I did add Stickles on all 4 of these cards to add a bit of pizazz.

Here's one of the cards with the glitter.  I'll save the other 3 cards for a future post.
So please leave a comment and then click on Julia's blog link and enjoy a wonderful blog tour!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free Standing Valentine

I thought I'd take a few minutes and make a sample card for my January 23rd class at AZ Scrapbooking in Green Valley, AZ.  I decided to teach the free standing card there since I'm already teaching it at G.V.R. in the same city.  Already got the directions written up, photo tutorial made...  makes sense to me!  I am using pattern card stock by Authentique for this card with the solid card stock by Bazzill.

Here is the card closed.  Only the brown heart and text are on pop dots so the Post Office "shouldn't" charge the extra 20 cents for postage, but then, you never know.  I apologize for my thumb and finger in the pic but I had to hold the card closed for the pic. The text is by The Angel Co.

Here it is standing.  This is a more simple card as it'll be the first my class will make just to get the hang of making the box.  My next sample for this class is going to be a bit more fancy...  I hope.  I tried to use my Scor-Pal but my brain wasn't working for the measurements of the scores so I used my bone folder and a paper trimmer with a cutting groove rather than a wire.  Worked pretty good.

How do you like this?  I got the directions from a Technique Junkies CD. Can't remember which one but if you look back at a post a week ago or so with the "Free Standing" in the title you'll find out. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tea Time

Yesterday I decided I needed to make something other than cookies, soup (BIG pot to share with church group Christmas party), and so on.  I purchased a set of stamps by TPC Studio called Coffee Cafe because it had some "tea" images.  Only a couple but I needed them for an upcoming class and all I have is coffee images (and lots of them!).  I also purchased a sheet of AdornIt card stock that was on sale and made another Double Pocket card.

Here I have the tag in the upper right pocket.  It is a bit difficult to see but...

 here you can see the tag.  I used the back side of the paper for the tea cup.  And...

here's a close up of the tag!  I used the Stardust Clear gel pen on the tea, steam, and flower.  Not bad.  It did come out as I envisioned.  I even had some solid card stock that really matched the grey in  the small details on the red side of the card stock.  Since the past few days have been rainy and kinda gloomy (perfect for getting things done) this card kinda warms the soul.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Busy Day

I've been so very busy getting ready for Christmas and stuff that I have no projects to post!!  But want to see what I've been doing?

I made about 10 dozen dark chocolate chip cookies to give out at gifts.  I just took a bakers dozen to my folks.  Need to package 5 plates for the gals I teach with and the AZ Scrapbooking store owner where I teach.  They are good!  I ate 2 bakes and 1 raw.  Yum!!!  Sugar high going on!  Drinking lots of water!

I got the tree assembled, lights and garlands on and am now adding ornaments.  Hmmm.... I still have to do something with 3 pumpkins!!  I don't do a lot of decorating on the tree bottom because our cat loves to play with the ornaments.  And do I have ornaments!!  Some our son made when a child (he's almost 30!), some I made, some I was given, and just a few I purchased!

How is your day going?  I still need to make a big pot of soup for a party tomorrow and wrap gifts. Oh, I still haven't gotten my Christmas cards ready to go.  Naughty me!  LOL!

PS. I now have the tree decorated and all the gifts wrapped and under it.  While doing all this I've been praying for the CT school massacre.  I pray for God's comfort for all involved in any way.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WOYWW 184 and Flippin' and Flappin'

Ah, Wednesday.  Hump Day.  Or, if you're a crafter like me, a great day to go blurfing to other crafter's blogs and view their work spaces!  I cleaned mine off a bit so that I could get started on getting out my Christmas cards.

Here they are, removed from the box where I keep my cards and ready to go to the kitchen table to be matched to a name, stuffed in an envelope, and mailed.  This desk view is compliments of Julia at the Stamping Ground and the many gals (not sure if any guys take part) who are brave enough to show their desks.  I know I missed last week but life was a bit hectic and will be until after Christmas.

I made another card that I "discovered" on my Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts CD from Technique Junkies.  It's called the Flip Flap card.  I didn't read my notes close enough when I was making my samples for upcoming classes for Green Valley Recreation and this design was NOT one of the cards I needed but, I like it anyway!

I used pattern paper from The Angel Company as I have SO much!  The images are also from TAC.  I thought I had this text straight on my acrylic block but it's ever so slightly off... Bummer.  How do you like the big gems?  This is definitely a hand deliver card or to be mailed in a bubble envy.

Here's the card open.  I plan on making more of these and possibly teaching this particular design at the AZ Scrapboooking store.  You can faintly see some Stickles glitter in the center of the flower.

After reading my notes for a second time I did happily discover that the card I needed I had made a couple years ago so I did have pictures of it for my flyer.  Now to just make a sample for the class itself.... I do have time as the class isn't until March 6! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Boxed in a corner....

I've been working like crazy getting my class samples done for my G.V.R. classes (that's Green Valley Recreation) in January, February, and March.  I only have one more card to make after this one so I am seeing an end to this scramble.  This card comes from a Technique Junkie CD called Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts.  You really should check out the CDs from TJ!  This card is called a Box Corner card.

I did realize after I cut the ribbon to hold the card closed that it should have been a couple inches longer.  The pattern paper is from BoBunny and American Crafts.

The stamps are a Phyllis Harris design and I got them from The Angel Company right before the company closed.  Phyllis sells through Unity Stamps!  I colored the images with Copic markers.  This particular set, Brandy and Emma, are perfect for this design.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Completed Candle Holder

I have finally finished my plate candle holder!  I love it and Thursday I found some itty bitty red ball ornaments to decorate it with.  I posted back on 11/28 (a couple weeks ago) some of the work in progress.  Are you ready??

I have a little tea lite candle in the top glass.  I need to get a votive or even a flame-less candle and maybe add a glass ball on top. Oh, all 3 clear glasses match which I think helps with the flow.  I tried a crystal goblet but it just didn't look right.  I may use it between the last 2 little salad plates.... Still thinking about that.

I added a small bit of gold tinsel garland then some of the balls.  The bottom plate can hold cookies, candy, whatever.  I used E6000 glue since this is for indoor use only.  I can decorate this for any season and I get to look at my grandma's special dishes whenever I want.  I think this was a pretty good use of them.  What do you think?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Double Pockets and Free Standing...

I bet you're wondering what my title means.... Well, it is the description of 2 projects I just completed for 2 upcoming January classes!

This is a Double Pocket Card.  Actually it doesn't open and the tag is the sentiment.  This really should have been made with double sided paper but I didn't have a piece big enough (8 1/2" x 11") so I used some scrap cardstock.  Turned out pretty good.  Did have to sand some cracking on the folds.   This and the Double Tea Bag Holder are one class to be Jan 9.... Really need to check the catalog from GVR to be sure.

And this is my Free Standing Pop Up Card!  It does fold flat for mailing.   I used Simple Stories Harvest Lane items on this card.  

I made both these cards relatively simple without lots of embellies so that my "students" don't feel overwhelmed at first.  And they were fun!  I got both ideas from CDs I purchased from the Technique Junkies!  Are you a "junkie"?  I just renewed and got my Dec. newsletter.  Can't wait to get all my samples completed so I can play with new ideas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Double Tea Bag Holder

I'm needing to get my flyer put together for my winter 2013 classes for Green Valley Recreation.  There was one item I've never made so yesterday I worked on it so that I would have my pictures and a sample.  I still have a matching card to make but this turned out pretty cool in my opinion...

Doesn't look like a tea bag holder in this view but...

Now you can see the little "holders" in this.

And open!
The paper and rosette is by Crate Paper in the Farmhouse collection.  The ribbon is by American Crafts.
What do you think??  I got the directions from my Technique Junkies CD called 3D and Fun Folds Paper Crafts.  Just too cute!!   I'll be teaching this rascal on January 9, 2013.  Now on to the card!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Last Flap Fold Card

Ok,  here's my last card sample for my class in Dec. And can you believe it!!!!  It's December!!! Oh my gosh!  Where did the year go!!! I think once you get past 50 years of age the time goes WAY too fast!

I decided to play with a Spellbinder die to make the top focal point piece. What do you think??

I like a rather simple inside flap to not detract from the top flap.  

But I did add a bit more to the inside for embellishments.

Did you enjoy my cards?  This particular design is on a CD from the Technique Junkies called Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts.  You need to check it out at the Junkies website. It's listed under the Specialty CD drop down menu for $17.95.