Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WOYWW 184 and Flippin' and Flappin'

Ah, Wednesday.  Hump Day.  Or, if you're a crafter like me, a great day to go blurfing to other crafter's blogs and view their work spaces!  I cleaned mine off a bit so that I could get started on getting out my Christmas cards.

Here they are, removed from the box where I keep my cards and ready to go to the kitchen table to be matched to a name, stuffed in an envelope, and mailed.  This desk view is compliments of Julia at the Stamping Ground and the many gals (not sure if any guys take part) who are brave enough to show their desks.  I know I missed last week but life was a bit hectic and will be until after Christmas.

I made another card that I "discovered" on my Fancy Folds and Motion Paper Crafts CD from Technique Junkies.  It's called the Flip Flap card.  I didn't read my notes close enough when I was making my samples for upcoming classes for Green Valley Recreation and this design was NOT one of the cards I needed but, I like it anyway!

I used pattern paper from The Angel Company as I have SO much!  The images are also from TAC.  I thought I had this text straight on my acrylic block but it's ever so slightly off... Bummer.  How do you like the big gems?  This is definitely a hand deliver card or to be mailed in a bubble envy.

Here's the card open.  I plan on making more of these and possibly teaching this particular design at the AZ Scrapboooking store.  You can faintly see some Stickles glitter in the center of the flower.

After reading my notes for a second time I did happily discover that the card I needed I had made a couple years ago so I did have pictures of it for my flyer.  Now to just make a sample for the class itself.... I do have time as the class isn't until March 6! 


Tammy said...

Look at your lovely stack of cards! I sent most of mine off the other day. Just have a few that I will hand deliver left to finish. :) Love the flip card too. :) Happy WOYWW! Tammy #80

Dainty Diva said...

You have a big stack of cards. I have delivered most of mine already. I have a few that I need to get in the mail. #97

Belinda said...

Don't you just love seeing all the cards piled up like that? I recently took a picture of my cards in a pile and then momentarily stop beating up on myself for not making enough.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Belinda (65)