Friday, January 29, 2021

Another Hanging Heart

Here's another little Valentine ornament using the fun origami folding technique I showed on video yesterday. These are just too fun!

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I used 2 6"x 6" sheets from an old Fun Stampers Journey paper pack called Sweet Spring and the new Forever Love Hearts die set by Spellbinders.

Don't you just love this!!!  I'll be hanging it on my shelf with my other Valentine decor pieces.  I recently purchased a bottle of Bearly Art Glue from Spellbinders and the fine tip was super to glue the deep red heart to the pink! I'm in love!

I added some itty bitty rhinestones from a pack I found in my stash.  Don't they just make the heart pop?
My paper was pretty thick and it did crack as I folded it to make the ornament.  I also had to use my crease tool to get good folds and glue to assemble.  

Stampin Carol
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Thursday, January 28, 2021

A Hanging Heart

Yesterday I made a FaceBook Live video (now on YouTube) making a cute little hanging heart. I used 8 3" squares and a focal point. 
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I show in my video how to fold the 8 squares and assemble them into the ornament.  I was reminded of this fun technique when I seen Kim Kesti of Spellbinders make one on her Dec. 15, 2020 video (I can only find it on the Spellbinders FB page under the video tab.)  
The print paper is from my stash and it did crack on the folds.  I made another ornament (sharing tomorrow) using Fun Stampers Journey paper and it cracked, too. Both these card stocks are rather heavy and that could be the issue but I don't know.  I'll have to try again with a light weight paper or card stock.

I tried to match the color of a couple hearts in the print paper for my focal point.  I used Spellbinders new Forever Love Hearts die set.  I also used their newest product, Bearly Art Glue, and absolutely LOVE the fine tip!! (It has been so popular that it's out of stock already!)  I added some clear rhinestones from my ancient stash and really blinged my ornament!
I really had to weigh down my heart on the ornament to get the glue to get a good grip.  A few acrylic blocks did the job great.  I even glued the back side flaps to make sure my ornament stayed together.
Stampin Carol
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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A Busy but Not Busy Desk

 Now how can that be?  A desk that is busy but not? Well, I have a project on it that in a couple hours will be part of a video starting live of FB then saved and uploaded to YouTube.  All you see here is bits and pieces of it before I cover my glass mat and get set up. So this view today is being linked and shared with other crafters on Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground. This is week 608.

So what you see is a small 3x3 piece of black paper with hearts, a folded piece of the same, a heart die set, a heart, and a bunch of folded pieces of that same pattern paper assembled into something. But if you look just past the mat you will see a white bottle next to 2 rolls of tape.  I just got in a bottle of Bearly Art Glue from Spellbinders. I LOVE the fine tips! So far what little I've used of it I'm impressed! 
Anyway, my desk is pretty clean.  It has been very busy making cards and stuff for my posts next week as I'll be in the Phoenix area for a retreat and I've been scheduling posts for while I'm gone. I will be on FB sharing stuff from the retreat and some of that will probably get shared here after I get home.  So I won't be joining up with Julia and the gang next week. 

And, on a side note, we (hubby and I) were exposed directly with the virus on the 12th but we didn't get it! Praise the Lord! Quarantine is over. Meanwhile I've started on a diet regime and have lost 1 lb. in 1 week. Not much but it's a start. But my clothing is looser! Yay!

So, to my desker friends, I hope to be back Feb. 10. I hope you all stay healthy!

Stampin Carol
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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I'm Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

 I've been working ahead on a few things lately.  Way back when I made an adorable chickie box and now I've made a bunny box to go with it.

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This is the box straight on. I actually used my 1/4" hole punch to make the eyes and I just cut 1/8" x 1" strips for the whiskers. Much easier than to use the die as it's a huge steel die by Sizzix called Animal Box #2.  It's from the George Evans collection and not available on at this time. I had to use my large Platinum die cut machine for this. The die barely fit in the small one but I couldn't get it to go through.

I love the nose on this little guy. I guess I shouldn't say little, it stands just a "whisker" above 4" at the top of the head, not including the ears. 

Here's the side view. You can get quite a bit of goodies in the box.  And if you don't remember the chick, here's both together.

If you watch my videos you will occasionally see the chickie on my desk holding my tube glues and some odds and ends.
I didn't need a lot of supplies to make these but both required a full 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock to make the box. The rest of the pieces are from scraps.
I will have to make some ahead of my March class if I want to send them to the grands as I have to mail about 2 weeks early. But these would be cute to sit on the counter or use a home decor.

Stampin Carol
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