Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Final Farewell to The Angel Company Blog Hop

Tonight we're honoring The Angel Company and Mischelle Smith with a final blog hop sponsored by Paper Wings (our "angel" forum and gallery). I just celebrated my 9th anniversary with the company last week and they were the most wonderful years! I have made some amazing friends (whom I consider family) and loved being involved with this Godly-based company (Seminar and all meals were opened with prayer). My memories will be with me forever (such as Diana M. jumping on me screaming "You're Carol Norby!",  Annette B teaching Mabelle how to straw fart, and Char's fart machine that backfired on her - thanks Claudia G.!). Seminars were fantastic - I've laughed so hard that tears flowed and my gut hurt. Mischelle is such a graceful and classy lady and I will miss her very much.  She encouraged us all and walked the extra mile to help us when we needed it.  I thank her and the TAC staff for a wonderful flight. I pray Mischelle will be greatly blessed in the years to come.

I used 2 sets, Be Fabulous and For Everything, on this card.  I used a black glitter pen on the Thank You's exclamation point but do not like it. My intention was to do the whole phrase but the pen's point isn't fine enough.

Here you can see the Copic marker coloring on the large flower.  I added white gel pen highlights to some of the petals (and on some leaves).  I used the Stardust Clear Gel pen on the fly.  I think these turned out pretty good!

And here's the markers I used.  I tried to coordinate with my red card stock. Didn't do too bad with that.

Now, here's 5 cards I made many years ago.

This elk came from a set called Moose. I still have it.  Being from northwest Wyoming I've seen moose in Yellowstone Park and Sunlight Basin.  Majestic animals but stay far from the cows when they have calves. I made the wood grain background but can't remember how, I'll have to look back at my old Technique Junkies newsletter.  This was made in about 2003.

This wind mill comes from the set called Windmills.  I used chalk pencils on the background.  This was done in 2006.

Another masculine card.  The stamps are part of a large sheet of stamps called Northwoods Moose. This was made in 2003.  Back then TAC sold full sheets of stamps - 8" x 10" or so.

This last card uses the stamp YesterYear (and I still have the stamp).  It was published in the RubberStamper magazine in the September 2003 issue. I was so amazed to be published!  The magazine page, a small scan of the cover, and the card are framed. (You may have to click on the card to enlarge since it shows rather small.)

 This last card from the past used the set Cat's Meow (and I still have it). This card was also published but in the November 2003 issue of Scrap & Stamp.  I've only had 2 cards published in magazines but I did have a card in the Fall/Winter 2008 catalog on page 45 using the Be Still set.  Funny thing about that card... I didn't like it!  Was so surprised it was picked!

I have every TAC catty from day one. Some came spiral bound! TAC even used to sell the stamp wheels, of which I still have many, long before another company bought out Clear Snap's wheels.

We have been informed there will be no more product for sale... No last blowout, nothing.  I was hoping, but, oh well....

There are quite a few of us "angels" involved in this hop so please take some time and visit. Grab a cuppa coffee or two and sit back and enjoy our fond memories.  And we'd love to hear from you if you have any  memories of TAC as a customer or been in a class. I also want to thank Shirley and Rita for their great work in organizing these hops - you gals were fabulous!  As you can see by the number participating that we all loved TAC very much.

Rita W.
Rita K.
Paula Kay


Chelsea said...

Look how far you have come Carol!! What a great journey. I am glad TAC brought us together.

Angela K said...

Carol TFS your beautiful cards!! Hugs to you!

AmethystCat said...

What a fun walk down memory lane! and, love how you colored the flowers and shimmered up the fly! So great to spend time at seminar with you. Glad TAC brought us all together!

Julie Robinson said...

OH what FUN cards! I love looking at what everyone has done through the years. You card with Be Fabulous is just a beauty!

Debra Miller said...

Oh My goodness Carol - thanks for the laugh, what amazing memories from seminar. Love that you pulled out some oldies but goodies. YesterYear is amazing! Congrats on being published!

Char said...

Ha ha ha ha....we have had some hilarious times at seminar. I'll never live down that episode at Seminar.....but it brought back so many other memories.

Stay in touch!!!


Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Wonderful cards, Carol! How we will miss TAC!

Glittered Paws said...

Carol what a trip down memory lane - great cards, great words, great tribute.

Wendy Zick said...

I love seeing the old stamps! Great cards!

Teresa Jenkins said...

I can so picture Diana M. Jumping at you... and can only think of you being the first Angel I ran into at Seminar... have to love trips to WalMart too!
Love your walk down memory lane, I don't blame you for holding on to all your stamps! I do too! Hugs from afar!

Rita said...

What a great trip down memory lane! Your newest card is fabulous - great job with the copics. And I want those windmills!!!

Christine Pennington said...

Carol, thanks for your friendship. You are such and encourager to me! When I think of you I think of your thong tan! tee hee! Love ya girl. I look forward to growing old with you too!!

Laura said...

What a great story of your history with TAC. Thanks for sharing! And your cards are lovely as always!

Donna said...

Carol, what a nice tribute and beautiful cards, I still have my windmills!

Sandy said...

Great seeing all your cards Carol!

Carol Hirsch said...

Wonderful cards. Love the walk down memory lane. Am so glad TAC brought us together.

KellyRae said...

Wonderful walk down memory lane, thanks for sharing the old with the new. (LOVE your white gel pen accents on your new flower card - WOW!) I'm glad TAC brought us together.

Risa said...

Carol! I love your older cards...brings back so many memories! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Stacy said...

Awesome cards! Love the Sunflower set - can't wait to make a few creations with that set!

Mary said...

Carol - it has been a great adventure hasn't it? I so enjoy your blog and your work. Keep in touch on PW!

Diana said...

You're such a sweet friend! I remembered that too!! I jumped into you, I was so excited to finally met you! I treasure your friendship so deeply in my heart! you are a wonderful lady and always with the right words!

Love your post and love your cards as much as I love you!

Chris said...

What a fun journay, eh?? I love your card for the hop. Beautiful!

Cynthia said...

Carol, Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards! You did a wonderful job!!! love them.

Trudy Osborn said...

What neat cards! It was so fun to see some of the older stamp sets, and also how your style has changed and improved over the years.

Kim said...

Your card is BEAUTIFUL Carol! So sad I didn't get the For Everything set...

Enjoyed seeing all your cards from the very beginning and the published ones too!!!

It's cool to see how our styles have evolved...

Hugs Secret Sis

Rita Kegg said...

Carol .... love your cards ... you brought back memories ... I too remember the original armpit farting by the door waiting to go into seminar. I even remembered some of your beautiful cards. I have had many good time with you at seminars and will continue to follow your blog. You are a great creative soul!Good luck to you.