Thursday, January 31, 2019

Another Tuesday Morning Sketch Challenge

I recently received my Easter Blessings Plus Bundle for FSJ's upcoming collection launch (Feb. 15) and just had to play!   Much of what I used will not be available until then so I guess you can say this card is a teaser for what's to come!  And I used Tuesday Morning Sketches #488.

This is a pretty cool sketch and I mostly followed it.

Here's the products from my bundle that I purchased....

And my card....

I embossed the base layer but you really can't see it.

The print paper (from the Create & Bloom Prints pack PP-0067)) and the stamps (Faithfulness SS-0651)are not available.  But everything else is! The leaves are actually cut off of a die cut branch.

Please head over to Tuesday Morning Sketches and check out the great inspiration cards and those playing!

Stampin Carol

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hump Day Desk

Recently Geico insurance co. has been rehashing their old commercials for vehicle insurance and one has a camel walking through an office asking if the people know what day it is.  Well, this reminded me of a picture I used to share on Desk Day....

Yes, I know this is from a Nativity set but it does make me laugh.  Ok, today's post is brought to you along with lots of links of desks by our head desker Julia at the Stamping Ground.  This is week 504.  My desk is loaded with ideas going through my head for Easter.  Yes, I said Easter.

So, from left to right.... My Bible.  I used my desk this morning for Bible study. Then some dies, you can see oval ones left of banner ones in the center.  Then a pack of new paper from the goodies I got yesterday (the photo was take mid afternoon yesterday) with a pack of stamps sitting on it. Far right is my Platinum 6.

And just in case you're wondering what I got here it is.

I'll be visiting desks this afternoon as today I meet with our local Social Security office to start Medicare. I started this process 2 months ago.  Yeah, did the online application end of November and was denied 2 week later. No reason, and the local SS office couldn't find out. So, here I go again and my Bday is next week!  Hopefully we can get this going!

So now please head over to the Stamping Ground and check out the links to more desks. Maybe we'll cross paths later!

Stampin Carol

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Light Up Your Birthday

Well, I'm finally getting to the 4th and last card I'll be teaching on Feb. 15.  I already have 4 ladies sign up for this!  How exciting!

I love how the paper from FSJ's Through The Years Prints looks like waves and is perfect for this card!

I actually started coloring with Color Burst Pencils then changed my mind to FSJ's Color Splash watercolor pencils.  I really like the watercolor look over the colored pencils in this card.

What's your thoughts??

Stampin Carol

Monday, January 28, 2019

You Can Do The Impawsible

Last Friday I taught a technique class.  I only had 2 ladies but we had fun and tossed a lot of ideas around as they made their cards.  I started one but finished it at home later.  I used a cute stamp set called Campfire Friends.  (Click on the name to see in the website.)  The cute print paper is no longer available but it's oh so cute and  was made to go with this stamp set.

We were making Bridge cards.  A simple but different fold that stands on its own.  Since we have a very young grand son and 2 young great grandsons I can use this for a birthday or something.
And what do you think of the feathers??

I didn't have any brightly colored ones, I did at one time but no longer.  And since the fox's and bear's feathers were off to the left I did the same!

I think one of our youngsters will enjoy this card...   What do you think?

Stampin Carol