Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Nautical Birthday

I hemmed and hawed over this card, even changed the color of ink for the stamped images, before I decided it was good.  Is it just me who agonizes over a card to make it just right?  Anyway, this is another card for my February masculine birthday card class.

I didn't even notice my twine was uneven when I took my picture! There is a piece of tape on the back holding it in place but somehow the bottom edge schooched over a bit.  That's a little Christmas ornament fish sticking out behind it.  I try to find something in my stock that goes with the card theme when I'm taking my photos. Then I noticed my sentiment was a bit crooked.... Oh well.

Originally I had stamped my 3 images in a deep red ink but it just wasn't working so they were replaced with these.  Much better.  I love my background print paper but it is no longer available.  I have so much FSJ paper and really want to use it up.  Also, did you notice I didn't use ANY die cuts on this card??  Will wonders never cease!  LOL!

Now to get the other 2 cards done.  Ideas are not rolling through my head so I'll head over to Pinterest and research some ideas.  Do you do that?

Stampin Carol

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