Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Tricorn Fold Bunny

 Yesterday I made my weekly video. I showed my version of making a Tricorn fold card.  It actually is quite easy, it's the layers that take a bit of time.

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I will give directions and some pictures of how I made my card but for tips on the layers you'll have to look at my video.  I posted it yesterday and you just need to click on my YouTube channel logo in the side bar.

This is my completed card.  Isn't is just too cool!

This is my base.  I started with a sheet of card stock cut to 6" x 8".  I scored at 4" then flipped my card stock over and scored at 2" and 6". I then folded my card as shown above. Remember to fold away from your score! 

Next you measure down 2" and 4" on the mountain (outside folds" and score to the corners as shown. Carefully fold away from you.

This is how your scored and folded card base should look. It's really quite easy.

Now you're going to add glue to the inside and adhere the 2 inside sections together.  Your card should now look like this when it's dry.  Now comes the harder part.

Since the sections are all 2" you cut your layers to either 1/8" narrower or 1/4" narrower, depends on how you like to layer. You will measure down on one side roughly 2" and 4" and cut to the corners. I think I explained it better on my video. The top center is 2" square so cut a square to the size you choose then cut another of the same size and cut on a diagonal for the top corners.

You can see the top sections in this photo.

And here are closeups of the 2 side panels. I think this is the only Valentine stamp and die set I have that is still available! It is called Valentine Pals Stamp & Die set. (Right now it is on sale but I don't know for how long.) I used Journey Glaze on the balloons and added some Whip Cream Thread to the sentiment balloon.

I hope you give this fun card a try. I love that it stands up!

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