Friday, December 14, 2012

Busy Day

I've been so very busy getting ready for Christmas and stuff that I have no projects to post!!  But want to see what I've been doing?

I made about 10 dozen dark chocolate chip cookies to give out at gifts.  I just took a bakers dozen to my folks.  Need to package 5 plates for the gals I teach with and the AZ Scrapbooking store owner where I teach.  They are good!  I ate 2 bakes and 1 raw.  Yum!!!  Sugar high going on!  Drinking lots of water!

I got the tree assembled, lights and garlands on and am now adding ornaments.  Hmmm.... I still have to do something with 3 pumpkins!!  I don't do a lot of decorating on the tree bottom because our cat loves to play with the ornaments.  And do I have ornaments!!  Some our son made when a child (he's almost 30!), some I made, some I was given, and just a few I purchased!

How is your day going?  I still need to make a big pot of soup for a party tomorrow and wrap gifts. Oh, I still haven't gotten my Christmas cards ready to go.  Naughty me!  LOL!

PS. I now have the tree decorated and all the gifts wrapped and under it.  While doing all this I've been praying for the CT school massacre.  I pray for God's comfort for all involved in any way.

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