Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last Wednesday's Incident

We had quite an "incident" within 1/4 mile from our home last Wednesday. I have the news clips here. The pickup found with the drugs was only a couple hundred yards from our home in a arroyo (dry creek bed). I drove by in on the way home and it was encircled with yellow police ribbon. I missed it all as I was at Curves but my folks were home and told me about the Border Patrol on foot and horseback going through our yards searching for a missing man. To my knowledge he was not found and is also an "illegal". When I got home 2 helicopters circled around our neighborhood for another hour.

Life here is exciting! We are not to give water or anything to "passing people", especially rides. I-19 just 1 mile east of us is considered to be the major drug-running highway in AZ. I often see the Border Patrol with people that they take back to Mexico. I don't feel in any real danger as long as we remain observant and take precautions. I am thankful for the Border Patrol that drive our neighborhood.

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