Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power Failure

Yesterday morning about 4:15 I was awaken by beeping. I got up and walked around and it was coming from my battery backup to my computer. Weird. I turned on the light, no lights! No power! But I had electricity everywhere else but the 2 small rooms. More weird. Breaker was good. Hmmm.... So I turned off the battery backup and went back to bed. We got up at 5:30 to get Dean ready for work and got a 25' extension cord to plug the freezer into a bathroom outlet across the hall from the room it's in. I also turned off the breaker to the 2 rooms as a precaution. I had to wait until 9:30 to call the place where we purchased the manufactured home and they had to call Champion Homes. About noon Bill at Adobe Homes in Tucson called me back and said someone from Champion would be calling. Well, about 10 minutes later a guy called and said I'd have someone here today to find the problem as it was considered an emergency. Needless to say, they called at 3 and were here by 3:30. Now, most homes are wired for 20 amps per breaker but these homes are wired at 15 with 14 guage wire (should have been 12, a bit larger wires). I had 20 amps running which, of course, was too much. I was so sure I fried some wiring but this didn't make any sense as the breaker didn't go off. Dad and a guy from church checked some outlets and we were getting a feed-back which isn't good. Now I'm worried about fire, frying my computer, or something. The guys got here and in 1 hour they found an outlet that was not wired properly. The manufacturer's fault!! Wahoo!! Anyway, it's all fixed. We moved the freezer to the other side of the room and it's now on the living room circuit which will carry it for now. The guy from church and my dh will run a new line and breaker just for the computer maybe a week from Saturday. The company guys did leave wire and an outlet but it's 14 guage wire and the same cheap outlets we already have in the house. We will get heavier wire and a better outlet ourselves. And I think we'll replace all the outlets and switches as they are not as good a quality as they should be, but then, this house didn't cost but $64,000. Can't expect the best stuff in a "double-wide" manufactured home. And this morning, the guy from Champion called again and he's ordered the new door for our dinged up fridge (dinged during set-up) after 6 months of knowledge!! I think this is the third time trying to get the door fixed. So, I'm taking my mom to lunch with the church gals and will stamp this afternoon. So keep watching. And on June 1 I can post about a really cool offer made to me! Happy stamping all!

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