Friday, October 26, 2018

Thankful for You

I have had one of those weeks and I really don't have anything new for today.  And I have a class this morning teaching my Thankful For You cards.  Here's the 4 cards but I'll share all the info on the cards next week.

I totally forgot about my class until this past Tuesday and it was one of those heart pounding moments!  Oh my gee!  I need to get myself in gear!!!  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday prepping plus doing a video, getting lots of laundry done, and oh so much more that I just felt overwhelmed! And yesterday I had to watch a 2 hour video on how FSJ is transitioning to joining up with Spellbinders and various things I really needed to know! So, please forgive me. I hope to get back into the swing Monday. Tomorrow I go to Salsa (a Tucson based stampers group) and maybe go to the Tucson Stamp Expo.

Also, previous links to products will go nowhere as of November 1.  I will need to investigate how to link to the new Spellbinders/FSJ site.  I see that many FSJ products are starting to be loaded into SB's site as Coming Soon.  How exciting!!  But you can still order through my FSJ Shopping Cart to my FSJ website through the end of the month.  Then, Nov. 1, my FSJ website disappears.  Yep, gone. So there is much going on. And I have LOTS of training to go through.  Ugh.

Stamping Carol

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