Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It's Workdesk Wednesday Again!

One thing about being at your desk.... you can stay in out of the heat!  We've had 100*F + temps for a week! And we'll be getting them for a long time to come.  The fires are still bad but the containment is growing. We've had some spectacular sunrises from the smoke but it does making breathing a bit harder and really does a number on the allergies!

Anyway, my desk. Yep. It's busy. This look at what I was doing is part of a weekly What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday internet get together put together by Julia of the Stamping Ground, our head desker for 577 weeks! This photo was taken yesterday as I was working on a Christmas card.... Oh my!  I said the "C" word!!

Yeah, I was working on the 4th and final card for my July card class. So, left to right... pile of odds & ends, small Fiskars paper trimmer, my glass mat with the card on it, another card that I'll be showing on my video this morning on FB then on YouTube, and assorted dies and stamps that I didn't use. 

But I'll give you a peek at what I'm making on my video....

Yep, it's a bacon cheese burger, fully loaded! Non-fattening and totally tasteless. 😁
I'll be showing a new-to-me fold I seen on Pinterest. I didn't even find a name for it but I'll be posting the card itself here tomorrow.

Yesterday just as I was printing a bill that I needed to pay my printer quit. Damaged print head. Bummer.  I just ordered some more inks last weekend. After 2 hours of researching printers on Amazon and Office Depot I ordered another and what joy!  It uses the same inks! Happy dance!! It won't be here until a week from tomorrow but I'll get by.

It appears Blogger has changed things again.  I had to go back to the old Blogger and now my sidebar changed sides! Not that it's an issue but weird.

Now that you've reached the end I'd appreciate a comment if you're so inclined.  And thanks for stopping by!

Stampin Carol

O Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions.  Psalm 104:24


Lunch Lady Jan said...

You made me laugh with that calorie free burger!! You can have four if you want, it won't make any difference, lol! It sounds very hot where you are, the weather is very warm here in the UK as well, too hot for me.
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Carol. Loving the fact that the bacon cheese burger is calorie free... Wonderful - they are the sort we have to have! Oh my - your printer as well!! What is it with technology in the heat? Glad you found another printer so quickly - and one which uses the same inks is a real bonus!!!
Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #3

My name is Cindy said...

Oh gosh those fires sound scary - sometimes I do think Mother Nature is trying to get her own back on us. Intrigued to see what this new fold is - will try and remember to come back and check. Stay safe, stay well, Cindy #11

Sue Jones said...

ha - that's what i need to eat now - no calorie burgers.Have a fab week . Soojay #17

Helen said...

it's been really hot (but not that hot) here... luckily only another couple of days before it gets back to sensible! hope the fires don't cause too much damage. Helen #1

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Nic busy desk. I tried the new blogger and gave up on it. I went onto the forum and we're not the only person that doesn't like it and there appear to be several things they plan to change. Wishing you a happy week and a creative woyww, Angela x19x

Heather M said...

Hi Carol, sorry for the late visit. Hope the fires ease off - we have now had 2 scorching days, and we have rajn and thunderstorms due at weekend. I really have no idea if I am on the old blogger or new blogger lol - I don't know the difference! That's good managing to get a new printer that uses the same inks. Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, Heather xx #4

Susan Renshaw said...

Hi Carol,
Loved reading your post today - that burger is excellent, being calorie free...
Well done on finding a printer compatible with your inks. I am gradually finding out what my new printer can do although at the moment it seems to want to print in greyscale!
Happy Crafting!
Susan #13

Julia Dunnit said...

Argh, your printer and mine too, it’s a thing! It’s cooler here today for the first time this week and already I dont like it! I dont like this Blogger thing messing about much either, but I guess eventually we’ll all have to take it on; there’s a lot about it I dont get though, and changes just for the sake of it if you ask me. Although its better not to ask me, it just sets me off....! Loving the burger card, thats a nice fold on that, quite useful for when a big card occasion is needed but you dont have much to say!! ALso late enough to see the JOY card from your workshop - its gorgeous, no winder the workshop has sold so well.

Sarah Brennan said...

I could manage one of those calorie free burgers just now Carol lol. Hope making the Christmas card helped you feel a little cooler and that the fires are out soon. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

Shoshi said...

Now I'm whole-food plant-based, that's the only sort of burger I would consider these days lol!! Sorry to hear you are suffering with allergies. What a nuisance that your printer broke down, but amazing you were able to get another one that takes the same cartridges! I hope you will soon be up and running again. I'm really glad I'm out of the whole Blogger rigmarole. It's a total pain. I abandoned them when my 3rd party editor ceased to be compatible (Blogger's own editor is total rubbish imo) and then to crown it all, they managed to lose 8 years' worth of photos off my blog, at which point I almost gave up the will to live. It was a case of "Wordpress, here I come!" and I haven't looked back.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #26

Caro said...

The burger is great and I love your busy desk. Sorry I am late visiting. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xx (#9)