Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Blast from the Past

 A few days ago I was cleaning out some drawers and came across an article from a newspaper from Nov. 2003. I remember this being written.

I'm still stamping, still making rugs and wallets, and still have that sweater I was wearing.

Isn't this a hoot!

Stampin Carol

God is at work withing you, helping you want to obey Him, and then helping you do what He wants.  Philippians 2:13


MC said...

That is fun for sure, you are still going strong :) - Fun to find old things.

Kind regards

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, look at you with a lot of column inches! and you’re still going strong, but I bet you know loads and loads of people now! I still have two of six tiles that I made back in the day...they’ve been demoted to bathroom use now. And the clock...on a wall in a bedroom that no one uses. Amazed it hasn’t faded yet!!