Friday, October 23, 2020

Just Bee-Cause

This is the last card I have to share from the Sweet Cardlets Project Kit by Spellbinders. It's very artsy! I used Opal Foil as a resist on the Color Splash sheet before I colored it.  

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This card uses the Just Bee-cause glimmer plate set

This is another card that should be hand delivered or packed with a gift in a box. That flower at the bottom makes this card at least an inch thick!

Instead of using regular Gold Foil I had a piece of Gold Starburst Foil that was just the right size. It gave the bee an fun look. I keep all the leftover pieces to use for smaller foiled images. You can see the cool honeycomb behind the bee that uses the Opal Foil. I added watered-down color from Jane Davenport's Mermaid Markers.  I really should have watered them down more but this is a fun look. These markers are very vibrant!

Here's another look at the honeycomb.  I could not get a good photo of the iridescence of the Opal Foil.
I made a double bow using my Bow Easy. I love this look!  I know of a couple gals who would love this card!
Today is my class day but this evening we will be going out to dinner with my dad and his wife to celebrate our 39th anniversary!  
Stampin Carol
It is finished!  John 19:30 

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