Monday, August 10, 2020

A Card of Cubes

I love getting inspired by great projects and ideas on Pinterest and this card definitely came from there!  I've seen it many times with most the directions on video but I did find one that had them written with step by step directions.  Loved it. So I want to show you my version.

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It's called a Triple Cube Pop Up Card. That's a mouthful but so is the card!

Oh my gosh! Isn't this just AMAZING! Now, mine is relatively simple in decoration compared to what I seen on Pinterest! After taking my first set of pictures I added the sentiment on the bottom set of balloons because without it the balloons just didn't really show up.

I even lined the inside of the main cube and the bottom and back of the small cubes.

I should have made the inside balloon a different color.  Sometimes you just get to having so much fun trying something new that you don't pay enough attention to the colors. So, to make these balloons show up better I added the sentiment and took another photo.  Much better!

(I see that Google is playing with my photo placement and words.) Here you can see how I attached the balloons on the front corners to the card. They will lay flat this way when you fold up the card.

After stamping my balloon I went over the sentiment with my Stardust Clear Gel pen. I even added thread to some of the balloons.  Are you wondering how this folds?

It does lay pretty flat but that also depends on your embellishments. And it takes a 6" square envelope. Oh, and you need a 12" square piece of paper as the base strips are 11 1/2" long. I did save pin some of these cards on my Pinterest account under Cards - Fun Fold if you have to check them out.

I will tell you that this was much easier than I thought. It's basically 3 cubes attached together. It was much harder to figure out what theme I wanted then what paper, stamps, and dies!

Tomorrow I'll start sharing Christmas cards made using Spellbinders & Fun Stampers Journey's new products for the 2020 Holiday Season.  You can actually click HERE and check them out.  They are available for purchase today!

 Stampin Carol

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Ginni said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Linda said...

I love this card! I would love to see how its made !!!Thank you so so much !!!