Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Back to my Desk

For those of you who follow me regularly you noticed that I didn't post my desk last week. That's because it was my birthday week and hubby took me for my favorite lunch at Cracker Barrel! We also did some shopping and had a great day! And we even got home in time to attend our church's Wednesday evening service! BTW, my bday was Friday. Anyway, I do have a picture of my desk taken last yesterday afternoon.

Today I'm joining/linking with Julia of the Stamping Ground blog. This is week 662.

My desk yesterday was a conglomeration of cleaning up a pile, reviewing a direction sheet (which is what my video today is on), and a mess to the right and left. The one to the left is scary big. You're barely seeing the edge of it and it's almost the height of my Scan N Cut!  There's a couple projects in that pile that I really need to work on!

So that's it for today. I was at our papercrafters monthly get together last Saturday and managed to get a couple projects done so I can have a couple posts ahead as I work on our tax stuff... BIG ugh!

So please leave a little love if you're so inclined and head over to Julia's and check out some more!  Catch you around the web!

 Stampin Carol

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Crafting With Jack said...

Your desk ida lot tidier than mine! Happy WOYWW Angela #9

Christine said...

so there's me telling everyone I'm #17 and the screen refreshed and you've popped in!! lol
Glad you had a good meet up
Enjoy the week
Christine #18!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Carol, happy belated birthday for last week. Pleased you had a good time. Enjoy the tax stuff. Take care and happy woyww, Angela x10x

Neet said...

Belated birthday wishes - glad you had a lovely time celebrating.
Sounds as if you are busy - good luck with the video.
Hugs, Neet 1 xx

Helen said...

happy birthday for last week and glad you had a good time! Running late here today, both linking and visiting. Happy WOYWW Helen #24

Annie said...

I’ve spent my day catching up with jobs after my 6 hours of correcting my errors so am late visiting. Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a good time.
Annie x #5

BJ said...

Well your desk in the middle looks quite tidy, glad I can't see the scary piles either side. LOL Glad you had a good birthday week. I guess mine starts today but I doubt I'll be doing anything special. Thanks for the visit BJ#11

Heather M said...

Hi Carol, happy belated birthday for last week, glad you enjoyed your day. Your desk looks very tidy to me - I'd be happy if mine was that clean (it is today, but won't be for long). Have a lovely week, Heather xx #2

Sharon Madson said...

Carol, that is a clean desk! Wow! Yes, birthday dinners come before WOYWW. I like shopping and eating at Cracker Barrell. Happy Belated Birthday! Sharon #25

Sarah Brennan said...

Happy belated birthday for last Friday Carol. Hope the tax stuff doesn't take too long. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #14

Diana Taylor said...

Happy Birthday for last Friday - sounds like you had a lovely one - I absolutely love going to Cracker Barrell whenever I visit my step son in the US, a great shop with loads of tempting goodies and fab food too - I wish we had it over here! Your desk is beautifully neat and ready for work by the look of it.
Have a lovely week,
Diana xx #8

Mary Anne said...

LOL! Scan&Cut? YAY! Taxes? Ugh! I miss Cracker Barrel (not really anything like it here in the UK) and all the stuff that is hard to find here. Provalone? nope. Jack? Some places but not every grocery store. Decent blue cheese dressing? nope...ah well. Hope your birthday was a good 'un and many more!

Late again . . . but so very VAXED :)
Mary Anne (3)

Julia Dunnit said...

Many happy returns Carol, I’m sure you’ve had a great week. Lunch at Cracker Barrel will do it for me! Am hugely reassured that you have a large heap of stuff to tidy and work through, it makes me feel more normal…although then pile on my desk actually covers my desk, so I think you’re the winner here! I like the gnome and the mushroom too!