Thursday, January 20, 2022

A Cowboy Birthday Center Step Card

 Yesterday on my FB page, Stampin Carol - Lots of Crafty Goodness, I shown on live video how to make a center step card. So, hang on to your hat and give it a try! The video is now on my YouTube channel!

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Pretty much all the papers, stamps, and dies are no longer available so I have no links for purchasing most of them.  I thought I got the cowboy paper from The Paper Collage but I didn't find it on Pam's website. I have had it for quite a while so who knows.

Here's the template for my card. I taught this as a class back in 2016 at Green Valley Recreation.

I used a paper trimmer that has a blade with arrows on the sides of the blade. I showed it on my video.

Here's a couple views of the base to help you with the folding. Be sure and have your bone folder or fold creaser available!

 The stars on the card are Sheriff stars. I think they're great for embellishing.

Have you made one of these cards?

Stampin Carol

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