Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Strange Folded Card

As I was saying on my video yesterday, I have no idea the name of this fold of card. Rachel at our stamping group called it a mini muira but I couldn't find anything about it, I even changed spellings to see if that would help. Maybe you know! Note: I received an email from our club president on 3/16/21 and it's called a "Miura Fold". Thanks, Judy, for the correct name!! 

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The card base is 5 1/2" x 12" and scored at 4" and 8". For more directions you'll have to watch my video as I have no template at share. I can tell you that I scored down 2" on the left fold and up 2" on the right fold. I then scored from the top left corner down to the 2" mark on the fold then back up to the right fold. This is the top. I then scored from the bottom left fold to the center 2" mark then back to the bottom right edge. I was able to use my score board for the 4" marks but not for the angled scores. I used my ruler, crease tool, and a mouse pad, and score very carefully so you don't tear the card stock.


This is the folded closed card. You are seeing the cover and the back inside.

Here you can see the funky scored sections folded back on the top and forward on the bottom.

Since my sections were all 4" I cut my print papers to 3 3/4" wide then figured out my angles. I give some tips on my video.

This is one of the dimensional stickers included in the paper pack I used from Photo Play. 

On my video I show the first base I made and I forgot to trim my card stock to 5 1/2" wide and left it at 6". I will be making a card using that piece soon.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

Miura Fold, you have to put the word fold with it to find it. Looks like you can do some really interesting things with miura folds. I like this card fold Rachel showed us. I want to try it just doing the front so see what that is like.