Thursday, March 18, 2021

A 3D Corner Pop Up

Yesterday I made my weekly FaceBook Live video playing with a new fold to me called a 3D Corner Pop Up card. It reminds me of a couple fun folds put together!

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I have uploaded the video to YouTube and, if you click on my link in the sidebar, you'll find it dated yesterday.

This is my template. I started with an 8" x 8" square piece of cardstock. I imagine you can make this smaller or larger but you need to keep it a square.  This 8" card fits in an A10 envelope.

Here is the card. My light purple layers are 3 3/4" squares. I cut 3 of them then cut 2 in half diagonally. The print layers are 3 1/2" squares with 2 cut in half diagonally. The bottom half of the card has one side that slides over the other. I used a clear Velcro dot on the points to hold the card open.

This picture was taken a bit above the card so you can see the "wings" a bit better.  I made a small easel focal point for the base.


I laid the card open and flat so you can see how the base easel angles a bit better. And if you look closely on the white part of the base on the lower left corner you can just see the velcro dot. The other half of it is on the point of the lower right corner of the print part. I give a tip on my video about adhering the velcro.

Here's a closer look at my easel. I die cut the "easter" out of white cardstock and white foam. Sadly I got a bit sloppy with my glue and smudged a bunch and, at a certain angle, you can see it quite plainly. Bummer. I used Fun Stampers Journey's Bunny Trio Die Set and a long retired 6" x 6" paper pack that I love.

I folded my card in half and it fit nicely in this A10 envelope.

I hope you try this fun fold! If so, let me know!

Stampin Carol

The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours;.... You have a mighty arm; strong is Your hand.   Psalm 19:11, 13

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