Thursday, June 17, 2021

It's a Twisted Trifold!

Yesterday I got back in the groove and made my first tutorial video since early May. I showed the making of this fun Tri-Fold Card with a Twist. Pretty cool! You can watch my video by clicking on the YouTube logo in the sidebar then looking for the June 16 video.

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I made this card first for practice before the video as I wanted to have made it before showing how to make it. 

I made this one with extra layers compared to the one I made on video. It turned out nicely but I would recommend not so many layers for your first time making this.

And here it is open. Are you ready for some measurements and directions?

I started with 2 pieces, each 4" x 10 1/4", each scored at 5 1/2.  The longer sides are the insides of the cards. (It really helps to watch the video!) And I had to make a 3rd card to show how to make this card here on my post!

The shorter sections will be scored diagonally. 

The top piece will be the left side and the bottom will be the right. As you can see I measured 4" from the front edge of each then scored from that mark to the corner to make them diagonal. Clear as mud?

When you slide the 2 pieces together the diagonal folds should meet. If not, trim the inside edge of the right overlapping piece just a smidge until the folds meet. When they do glue the top inside piece to the bottom inside piece.  Please use a good liquid glue as it gives you time to wiggle the pieces together in place. Tape just will NOT work!

Now we'll work on the decorating. We'll start with the focal point. Cut a piece of decorative paper into a 3 3/4" square. The directions I seen said 3 7/8" but I like this better.

I laid my square on the cover of my card to make sure I cut the diagonal correctly. I will cut from the top right to the bottom left.

Yay! My cut was correct and I have now adhered it to the 2 halves of the 4" cover. 

At this point you can either decorate behind the flaps or not. I like it better covered.

I cut my back print paper 3 7/8" x 5 1/8". Yes, this sounds weird but it works. I measured down from the top right 5/8" and up from the bottom left 5/8". I cut diagonally from those two points. 

My back pieces are now adhered! Looks great! Now for the cover.

But first, a way of keeping the card closed.  I cut a 29" very thin piece of ribbon. I added a piece of real good tape on the balloon print and centered it.

I then cut my focal piece and added foam to the side of it that covers the top left square piece. Make sure you don't adhere to the bottom right!

So here's the completed card. I haven't yet decorated the inside. Here's the one I made on my video.

I also made a coordinating envelope as this card will be swapped at a monthly stamp club. And inside...

So which card is your favorite?

I have links below to products I used that you can purchase through my affiliate links.  But most products came from my stash as I'm trying to use up some stuff.

Stampin Carol

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