Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A Foiled Merry Christmas

A couple weeks ago I had a day at home and took advantage of playing with my Glimmer Hot Foil system for a few hours. Yes, about 3 hours!  What a hoot! I'm so glad there are YouTube videos for help!

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Now this particular plate, Merry Christmas Banner, is giving me issues.  I'm not getting a real good foil around the words.  I've shimmed and not shimmed and it's still kinda speckled.  This particular card had the best foiling.  The little words are from the Holiday Sentiments set.  I used Polish Brass foil but it does look gold.  I used my large Dauber Dowel and pads to add Chambray Shirt and Black Licorice inks around the outside of the Beach Breeze card front.

Here you can see how spotty it is around the Christmas part of the banner. You can only see it when the light is not shining on it like it is around the A & S letters.

I like this system and for the most part (with practice) it looks really cool!

Stampin Carol

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