Thursday, December 20, 2018

Adore Him Christmas Cards

I think with the completion of a few more cards I may have enough but since I haven't (until later today) prepared my cards to those I need to send in the mail!  Oh my, I am WAY behind!!  This past week had just too many priorities and yesterday we (hubby & I) went to Tucson and finished our Christmas shopping!  I got him a cool rear-view mirror with a backup camera and forward/back dash cam! I did order it from Amazon and it's supposed to be here tomorrow. We went to the Vanity Fair Wrangler Outlet store and he got me some beautiful clothing and I got him a couple shirts. Yeah, we know what we're getting from each other but we can't use or wear them until Christmas Day as they all will go under the tree.

Anyway, my cards....

I made 2 like the one on the left and 3 like the one on the right.  Both are good for mailing. Except for the Oatmeal Cookie card stock for the card on the left and the Gift Twine for the card on the right I used the same products as I did in this post from last Thursday. The 2 items are listed below.

I have been getting products together to start my Valentine cards... yes, Valentine cards, for my January class.  I really need to get them done so I can advertise my class to my customers! My desk Tuesday afternoon was so nice and tidy but yesterday afternoon it was covered with my Valentine products.

Are you ready for Christmas??  It's hard to believe it's just a few days away!!  Now if only I can get my nose to quit running and making me look like Rudolph.

Stampin Carol

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