Monday, January 7, 2019

Valentine with a Variation

Last Friday I made my FB Live video (also on YouTube) making a simple Valentine Card with a variation.  I send out cards to our kids and their families so I need about 9 cards.  With my upcoming class and the few I have now I should have plenty.

This is the first variation I made. It is so dimensional that it needs to be hand delivered or maybe sent in a bubble envelope for protection.

Isn't the Love Bud gorgeous!  You can even add some white paint to the edges and change the look!

This variation is easy to mail as it's mostly flat. The enamel Magical Candy Drops are great accents. They go great with the black hearts in the print paper!

Which card do you like best?

Stampin Carol


Cathy said...

beautiful card!

Linda said...

I love this beautiful card. Thanks for sharing !