Monday, June 2, 2014

White Feathers

I'm in a hostess club with a friend who is a CTMH demo and one of my first purchases was the Feathers set.  I also had pinned a cool card using some other feather set and the card was white on white, just gorgeous!  Well, here's my version:

It's very hard to get a good picture  of white detail on white but I finally got one that somewhat showed the feathers and the text.  It does say "Happy Father's Day" on the banner.  Is kinda weird that the white embossing isn't true white but a pale cream.

This gives a lot more detailed look at the white embossed feathers.  I like this and just need to figure out who gets it.  Won't be hubby, he's seen this!

I'll be starting to pack for my reunion trip to Kansas City.  I have to be at the Tucson airport at just past dawn on Thursday.  So excited to see and be with friends for a few days!

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