Friday, June 6, 2014

A Christmas Mitten

This post is pre-scheduled as I'm out of town.  Any comments will be moderated and posted on Sunday or Monday when I get back on my PC.

When I get home I have not even 1 week to have my 3 Christmas projects completed with the directions and supply lists wrote up and ready to go.  The AZ Scrapbooking store has a Christmas in July event and I'll be teaching 3 shaped gift card holders.  Here's the first...

I will also be teaching these shaped gift card holders in November to another group through Green Valley Recreation.  I've been teaching through this organization for 5 years, just 1 year longer than at the store.

Here's where the gift card is placed.  I did fold the red mitten top incorrectly when I started on this but was not going to toss it and start over.   This mitten was not difficult but just a bit time consuming with all the tracing and cutting. 

I'll be sharing photos of our reunion as soon as I get my pics downloaded and edited.  I'll have LOTS of cards to share from all the shoebox projects.

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