Friday, February 28, 2014

Envelope Punch Board Bows

I had a few minutes the other day and got to playing with my Envelope Punch Boa rd.  I seen some cute little bows on Pinterest and had to give them a try.

This was a great way to use some scraps and here's 4 that I completed in a matter of minutes.  What to know how they were made?

I started with 2 1" wide strips and a 1/4" wide strip.  The shorted one is for the back and the longer for the bow.  The 1/4" strip is for the piece over the middle.  Play with the length of the back piece.  I have both short ones and longer ones and prefer the longer so they show more behind the bow.  These shown are 4" and 5".  The 1/4" strip needs to be about 1" long or so. You can probably alter the lengths and widths to suit your needs.  Just play around and see what works.

I folded the 2 1" strips in half then actually added a pencil mark at the half so I would know where to start punching.  I have a line drawn on my Punch Board as to the center of the punch and you can see it in the photos below.

I punched the middle of both strips at the half on both sides. 

On the longer "bow" piece I punched the ends as shown.

On the back piece I punched the center of each end.  Adhere the ends of the "bow" to the center to form the bow.  Adhere it to the center of the back piece then wrap a piece of the 1/4" strip over it.

Ta da!!  The finished bow!    Though they aren't good for using a cards (unless they're hand delivered) they sure dress up an envelope or package!

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Carole said...

Hello again, I'm glad I kept scrolling through your blog. I remembered seeing the enveloper on your desk in February and was curious to find out what you think of it. Will it be a favorite tool? The bows are perfect and great way to use up scraps.