Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life on Our Homestead and a Colorful Box

My hubby  has, after a couple prompts, built me a new clothes line that is so much closer to our house.  My previous one is about 100' out and, not that I mind the walk, I'd have to make my way through knee-high weeds in the summer.

It is hard to see but my line is to the left of the white shed.  You can just see the other end of it (the tall post) through the right arm of the "garage" tree (because I park my card under it in the summer).  I took this pic standing on our back porch.  The shed did give some wind break at times.

Now my line is just 20' from the house and is in use!  I do need to replace one of the lines as the cloth line stretches way too much.  Back to the hardware store for more vinyl line.

I've also been busy getting seedlings ready.  Here are my Heritage Tomatoes (4 seed pots on far left), Japanese String Beans (12 pots) and Chilies & Green Peppers (10 little pots).  I'm still waiting on a couple Beans and a couple Chilies/Peppers to come up. Some seedlings are difficult to see as they're just barely breaking surface. I've never tried growing beans and tomatoes like this so hopefully...   I've been pinning some ideas about container gardening so plan on trying some lettuce in cut-open milk cartons.  Depending on the rain today and tomorrow we'll get my garden ready.  We purchased some peat to mix in with our dirt and need to fill our 3 three foot square containers.  These are on top of a bottom-less horse trough which makes weeding, etc so easy at waist level.  Are you going to have a garden?  Any helpful tips?

I did play a bit with my Envelope Punch Board yesterday for a challenge on a group I'm with on FaceBook. The challenge was to use the board and I looked at what I had pinned and decided to try a box.  I used some OLD paper from The Angel Co. and my Tattered Flowers die.

Here it is closed.  I used a sheet of 12" square paper for the box.  I used scraps from the paper pack for the flowers on the side (there are 2 on opposite sides) and the top.

Yeah, I know the flower almost blends in but it covers the seams and the paper brad goes all the way through the box to help hold the box together.  Again, I was just using up some old paper.  I will make this box again.

Here is the inside.  The box inside is about 3.75" square so it will hold a decent sized gift or treat.  Not bad.  Have you one of these boards?  It's pretty cool.  Now I'm looking at the Flower Punch Board but am holding off so far.

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