Friday, March 7, 2014

Color Blocked Orange Flower

Today I'm at retreat. A scrapping/stamping retreat in Rio Rico, AZ.  This town is located just 10 miles from the Mexico border in a beautiful hotel called the Esplendor Resort.  I'm here as staff for the AZ Scrapbooking store (I teach classes at the store as contract labor), who is sponsoring this retreat, and really enjoy getting the opportunity to "play with others" even though I'm "working".  I was packing like crazy yesterday and came down last night (only 20 miles from me) to help early this morning.  Since I'm here I made a card yesterday to have something to post today!

I haven't done any color-blocking in ages and this was a relatively fast card.  I think the stamped image is by Magenta.  I've had this stamp for close to 20 years and it is unmounted as I remember taking it off the block and adding red cushion then using Alene's Tack It Over and Over on the cushion.

I used my Copic markers to try and match the orange of the pattern paper.  I came close, I think.

Next week I'll be posting the cards and photos of retreat.  Tomorrow Ken Oliver of Spellbinders is supposed to do a make and take for us and us on staff will be doing a "medical" skit for those addicted to scrapbooking.  I'm playing a nurse (complete with scrubs) but have no idea my dialog until today.  So, stayed tuned for some hilarious photos (I'm sure!) and who knows what!

(This post has been prescheduled so hopefully it'll be live by the time I can get online.)

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Donna said...

Very pretty Carol, I have those lovely TAC papers still too!