Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Resin and Copper Leaf Creations

I had a fun opportunity last Saturday to take a class from Deb of Copper Leaf Creations.  The cards were cute and quite basic and I did change them up some.  I did not finish one with an embossed quail as I had to run to meet some friends from WY for lunch but here's the 4 I did finish.

I added feathers to the pot card (that does sound a bit strange, doesn't it?).  I have a bag of feathers from LONG ago and the popped up pot (say that fast 5 times.....) needed to be holding something.  The card on the left is using a shadow-type stamp, a K-Pad and glossy card stock to make the background and there are glass beads on the cactus within the coyote.  The other 2 cards are embossed or shadow stamping.

Here's the morning class (there was an afternoon one also) with Deb in the blue plaid blouse.  This picture is minus me as someone had to take the picture!

Now as to the Ice Resin.  I follow a cool blog called Craft Test Dummies.  I find the blog very informative and I comment when I have a question or something.  Well, about 3 weeks ago I got an email stating I won a prize.  Hmmm.  What did I enter?  It's been so long I forgot.  Saturday I got a BIG package in the mail.

 Oh my GOSH!!!  Ice Resin!!  A kit by Susan Lenart Kazmer with a pendant/bezel, the resin in a 2-part syringe, chain and ice enamels, 2 magazines, 2 DVDs, some itty bitty needle-nosed pliers, and a package of charms!!!!  I did post some things I made at a class at AZ Scrapbooking a couple months ago and now I get play at home!!!
If you click HERE you can find more about some of these things at their site.  And check out the projects!  I could spend a LOT of time on this site.

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Carol the cards are super cute; but what I really want to tell you is that you received a package from Ice Resin that really should have been sent to me, tee heeeeeeee . . . you lucky girl you! Please share your cataloge with me to have a look see????? Wow, I never win anything so cool. Enjoy the creative products! L