Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's My Work Desk Again! WOYWW 195

I had lost my mojo this past week with the head cold that started last Wednesday and really nailed me this past Sunday.  I'm better but my mojo must be on vacation.  I have a class to teach this afternoon so spent yesterday cutting paper.  And using my Wizard... And thinking about a project...

You can see my purple Wizard right in the middle of my desk. Scissors and scraps are off to the right.  Hmmm.... the yellow base of a Multi-fold card is to the left along with more paper.  This yellow card will become a sample for a March class if my mojo will come back.  Can it be enticed?  Do I need a large Dr. Pepper soda?  What has worked for you?  I have noticed that my post for the template for this card has been extremely popular (over 600 hits this month) and I haven't taught it for about 3 years. I plan on using Graphic 45 paper so stay tuned... maybe Friday???  Here mojo.... here mojo....  time to come home! Maybe when I check out some desks my mojo will show up... but I don't have much time today... It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

This desk picture is part of a large universal blog hop of work desks.  Check out the Stamping Ground blog owned by Julia after leaving me a little comment and take the opportunity to view desks and projects!  I usually visit about 20 - 30 depending on time.  Grab a cuppa coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy!


Debs Willis said...

hi Carol, I'm using my woyww blog hop to try to coax Mr Mojo back! Lots of distraction tactics here :-)

Happy woyww

debs #95

Unknown said...

Hi Carol. I am sure if you hop over to a few desks you are sure to find Mr Mojo on one of them. Great card fold and I couldn't think of nicer papers to use! WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 120

ria gall said...

I try looking through magazines when my mojo goes off for a while and sometimes inspiration from WOYWW helps. I hope it comes back soon and I hope you demo goes ok
Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
Ria #48

Marit said...

It seems that more crafters have 'a fight' with Mr Mojo these days... hope woyww helps! Have a good one - Marit #100

Anonymous said...

Gosh I haven't seen a Wizard in years, good for you to keep it going! Hope you find your Mojo again.

Brenda 112

Anonymous said...

Blimey to the Wizard as well! It is clearly more sturdy that the Calibur - I'm on #2 at the moment!


Ma (4)

Bubbles said...

I hate it when my mojo goes on an extended vacation - and even moreso when it returns at 3am on a Thursday night :)
I keep a pad and pencil with me at all times - and every time I have a little, tiny bit of inspiration or a fraction of an idea I will write it down - or draw it, whatever it is. This way, I have a selection of ideas to turn to when my mojo is MIA. Of course, not all these jotted down ideas are fabulous... you can imagine some of the weirdness that might creep into an idea when I've just woken up from a dream and jotted down something *lol*
Hope you wednesday was an amazing one!
All the very best,

April said...

I hope you found your mojo. Mine comes and goes as it pleases regardless of whether or not I need it! LOL April #151

cynD said...

Carol, Maybe a chickie chick trip will help your Mo-Jo. I know it is not quite possible this year but it would be fun to get together again for a big stamp party weekend again... Blessings on you my friend.. cyn

Scrapcat 1 said...

I just push things around until they seem right when I can't get going, or have a clear out I always find things I've forgotten about. Tracy #72