Friday, March 1, 2013

You Make Me Smile

I've been having issues with my mojo - it seems it went on vacation when I got my cold.  I'm feeling good but do tire quickly yet mojo, that rascal, hasn't come home.  I've been doing some blurfing (blog surfing) which helps a bit but.... still no mojo.  I did manage to get a card made yesterday and my hubby liked it.  It's ok...

It's kind of a take off on the Triple Play technique.  Since there's only 2 layers I call it Double Play.  I had this scrap of pattern paper left over from a class way back when that works great with this design.  The stamp is from The Angel Co.

The text piece is poop (LOL! I mean pop!) dotted only on the right side to make it match the height of the layered pattern piece.  This is definitely a cheerful card!  Have you done something like this?

It's hard to believe today is March 1.  Guess I need to take a day and get stuff ready for the tax man (actually our son is our C.P.A.).  This month may have some major changes so if you're a praying person, please pray for His direction and wisdom.  Thanks!


Glittered Paws said...

I want to know how to poop dot (LOL) - this is such a bright and cheery card - love the fun colors and spring is on the way so your mojo should return - just like I'm hoping mine will.

Shelly N. said...

I have been scrolling down through your blog. I have to say I really really like what you are doing with your designs.