Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Magic.... Cards, that is!

I taught a private class with Evelyn R. this past Wednesday and we had a blast playing with this technique.  We learned one thing from making these cool cards... you MUST use acetate.  Stiff page protector pages just doesn't work!  But our cards turned out pretty cool and I think she'll make more.

Trying to take pictures of these with the faux acetate is very difficult.  I tried to not get a glare and thought I succeeded until I looked at them after downloading to my computer.  Oh well.  Here the cards are closed.  One pulls up on the ribbon tab to get the following...

The images now appear in color!  I did leave a bit of the images down so that you can see both the color and black & white images.  I made this design about 12 years ago but in prepping for this class I alter the design and made it easier, in my opinion.  How do you like this??


Angela Toucan said...

those are so clever and pretty

Julie Robinson said...

Love these. They have been on my list of cards to try for a while

Great job

April said...

Most excellent. What type of faux acetate hides the color - so cool - I need some. :-)