Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wonderful memories with friends and shaving cream...

The other day I seen a post by my SBC (sister by choice) from Lusk, WY about her and friends making shaving cream paper.  I commented back that I remember teaching them how to do this and proceeded to dig up the photos!  What a hoot!!!  These were taken by my old camera and I didn't get the date taken off on 2 of them so bear with me.

This was the great group of gals I taught.  They are from left to right, top row...  Judy H. (thanks, Sandi!), Kelli, and Cindi.  Bottom row: Judy T., Sandi (SBC), Nona (SBC), and Tammi.

Here's Sandi poking at her paper and Nona giggling...   Your turn is coming, Nona!!

And here's Cindi and Nona getting into the cream...   I sure miss all these gals.  Such great memories!

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