Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ink Spots meeting & challenges

The Ink Spots met last Friday night at our LSS in Green Valley, AZ and boy, did we have fun!  Our ATC swap was really cool (I've already posted my Wild Thing card) and some of us finished our challenge boxes.  Susanne got these boxes at IKEA in Phoenix and we were to decorate them.

Here is the box, closed.  It has an elastic cord that holds down the top flap.  Kind of a pain...

Here it is, open. Holds a TAC catalog, Fall & Spring supplements, and a few invoices with ease!

Kathy got hers done!  She sprayed Walnut Inks on it with a flourish stencil resist, added a "key hole" and a gorgeous handmade flower (which we all got and I'll do something with it soon).

Ann's is a work in progress (and she doesn't like camera flashes...)

Sharon missed the last meeting so had no idea what we were doing so she made a photo explosion box.  It was really cool but she did get the box we used and hopefully will have it done by the next meeting in April.  I didn't get a picture of Susanne's (she uses it to hold her ATCs) as we got very busy then she had to leave. So, are you ready for mine? 

I also used Walnut Inks, Cherry Blossom,  Eucalyptus, and Cornflower.  I should have used Lilac instead of the Cornflower as it was more suited to the colors in the danglies.

These danglies were hooked to an ugly purple chain necklace...  Now thrown away.  I embossed the 2 geckos and horse from the retired Kokopelli set using gold and turquoise powders.  This was a hoot! I do plan on removing the elastic cord and adding some velcro to hold the flap down.  I may still do more stamping, especially on the top flap, when I get the velcro added.  What have you done lately??

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Chelsea said...

Love what you did with yours. Absolutely gorgeous!