Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Animal Spirit Stamps

Our LSS in Green Valley, AZ just got in a new line of stamps called Animal Spirit Stamps.  They're extremely detailed and are inspired by pen and ink drawings by Sue Coccia.  I just had to purchase one to play with and here's the cactus I purchased.

Each one is stamped on a different background paper...

This is on white matte cardstock colored with an inked compressed sponged that was twisted while on the paper.

This one was stamped on a white cardstock that I melted shiny crayons all over.  I did this paper MANY years ago and the glitter is still rubbing off on me.  I probably should have done black detail embossing powder instead of just stamping.

This one is stamped on white glossy paper that was colored with an inked compressed sponged.

And this last one is on white matte cardstock that I applied an inked compressed sponge but did not twist.

I hope to get some cards made with these shortly so come back soon!  Also this Sunday I will be participating in a Paper Wings Blog Hop featuring Spring!  I bet many in the midwest and east coast are very ready for the snow to quit and temps to rise!  So come and get your little touch of spring Sunday evening!


Chelsea said...

What a cool cactus!

Anonymous said...

Took a while from Sunday evening until Wednesday afternoon to put a comment on your hop blog! Ha! No fire, kinda a flood of utility room events. Somewhat settled back in today. Seeing that multiphased catus makes me grin all over pages of paper and ink options. Mounting one of those on a solid dark or bright print paper then cutting a narrow quarter of an inch outside the black line could make that mounted piece act as a closure on a gatefold card. If that stamp could cover itself front and back, a cheerful mobile could be suited to SW gifting. Glad to see the LSS has items of many optioanl uses.
Keep Looking UP!