Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot, muggy, and uncreative.

We've had quite a bit of rain this past week and boy, is it muggy along with the heat! I've had trouble being creative along with all this. We had a real gully-washer Friday and the arroyo that we have to drive through to get to our home was running 6 - 12" of water. Dean had to leave the car and wade across when he came home from work about 9 pm. We went out at 11 pm. and the arroyo was empty. He then drove the car home. The arroyo is still quite damp and not real firm yet. Saturday we did some yard work and Sunday after church we went into Tucson to visit my cousin's hubby who had a mild heart attack. He's doing well and is scheduled for triple bypass surgery either today or tomorrow. We'll go back to visit him next Sunday. We had fun finding the hospital but we're slowing figuring our way around the city.

Anyway, I had a sketch challenge to meet today and here is my card. I used a Hostess set called All Season Swirls which is only available if you have a "party" and have at least $500 in net sales. Those of us who went to Seminar last month got it free. It may be in the next catalog but no guarantees.

I used Amberly Grace SWIC and matching cardstock. I also used Oasis Green VersaMagic ink for the dragonfly. The 3 little dots are the dots at the bottom of the pattern papers that helps one match colors. I added a dot of Crystal Lacquer on dots. Turned out rather elegant, I think.

I found a couple gals to ride to Curves with on Mondays and Wednesdays, Esther and her daughter, Dawn. So, now I can go 3 times a week (Friday I also purchase my groceries) again. And Dean called a little while ago. Seems like everyone at the mine will be getting a $500 bonus in the form of a gift card and and extra $200 in their next paycheck to help with taxes on the $500 or whatever. We will probably purchase fencing stuff to finish the fence on the north side of our land. We have 300' and a gate then we can keep out the stray dogs. We're thinking of going to NM weekend after this to see my folks and my aunt and her hubby. Dean hasn't seen Rosemary and Ray for almost 10 years. Be nice to get away for 3 days. And I had a surprise yesterday as a classmate from Riverton, WY called. He and his family moved to Queen Creek (suburb of Phoenix, southeast side) recently. We visited for about 10 minutes and hope to get together someday for dinner between here and there. Well, back to the "grind"!

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