Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gift Card Holder and Mini Clips

I haven't felt very productive again but I did get a couple of items made. I didn't have my camera on the correct setting when taking the pictures so a couple do not have nice, sharp images. This first is a gift card holder. I used Running Stitches and Joy of Christmas along with Merry Wishes SWIC (retired) to create my Christmas "Wallet". If you want directions please email me.

On the inside I also used Sweet Goodies and All Occasion Swirls (a Hostess set). I have a Pop Dot under the gift package to make it stand out. I used Palette Hybrid inks, Noir and Claret, for all the stamping.
This little rascals are small! You can tell by the quarter in the middle. I used scraps, bits and pieces of ribbons, Paper Posies, and sequins for decorations. The "Just a Note" is from the Tag Tidbits set which is wonderful for its small size. These have magnets on the back and I purchased them in a package for about $3.15 at Target. I was looking for clips at least 3 times bigger but these looked cute.
It's been thundering most all day but no showers or lightening yet. I guess I better start thinking of supper! Happy stamping!


BarbL said...

You always post such FABULOUS stuff!! Yes, we ALL want directions for your wallet and your mini clips are absolutely ADORABLE!! I may have to get Bec's boyfriend to get some for me since he works at Target. Oh yeah, and thanks, I didn't think I needed the Level C set....now I think I do...
You've made me feel like a "bad blogger." I'd better get busy and start posting!!
Barb L. (AH#1)

Joani McDonald said...

You did a fabby job! And I love those clips!