Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arizona Greenery

I don't have any projects to post right now but had to show some of the greenery that is growing wild in our yard. With the monsoon season we've had quite a bit of rain and the flowers, weeds, and grass are really blooming.

These are near our front gate. They're just prolific! Above is a close up and if you know what they are I'd love to hear from you!

The moss roses are everywhere! We are mowing them near the house to discourage any snakes from visiting close.

We also have a huge plant called Devils Claw. It looks a lot like okra but when it dries it will split open and looks pretty cool. I'll take a picture when the time gets closer.

Today I'm supposed to have a couple guys come and replace our dining room window. It doesn't work properly and the bottom is warped. If the bottom plate that the window sits on is warped (and we think it is) then they'll have their work cut out for them! Thank goodness the house is under warranty and will be for a couple more months. I'll have to get the house re-leveled soon, too. Well, I better go make some brownies for the guys and for movie night at church tomorrow. Saturday we'll be heading for Ramah, NM, southeast of Gallop, to see my folks. Will be home late Monday and it's supposed to rain the whole time!! Dang! And I'm seriously thinking of dropping my regular website when my domain name comes due since it's getting virtually no hits any more. I checked the numbers today and had under 10 hits since the first of the month. Not hardly worth it anymore. I will have to figure out how to sell my rugs and stuff but maybe an Etsy store could be the answer. I'll have to do some checking.
Anyway, happy stamping and hope you have a great weekend! Stay cool!

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