Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm published!

I have a card in our new Inspiration & Catalogue!! It's on page 45 with the Be Still stamp set. I submitted 3 cards and this was my least liked. I don't think I can post the other 2 cards since they are TAC's property at this time. I will write and ask later when things settle down. I did receive a $50 gift certificate from TAC™ and have a few stamp sets I want. I have posted a picture of the new book in the left side menu and info on getting one. I have 6 already reserved. My 2 cases should be arriving today by UPS.

Here's some facts and figures concerning our new catalog:
*Our Hostess & GWP plans remain the same.
*Hostess sets A & B were retired from our previous catalog and will be from this catalog when the Spring/Summer catalog is revealed in February 2009.
*We have 4 new Soar With It Collections and they are great! They're called Penelope, Angelee, Reece, and Willoughby.
*There are 35 new stamp sets shown.
*We still have coordinating inks, cardstocks, hardware, and ribbons listed with most paper collections.
*We do have more punches available, 3 new Embellishment jars of flowers, the carrying case for the Scor-Pal, and Cardstock Strips (textured 12" long strips of scallops and such of varying colors).
*Woodrowe, Natalee, and Sydney Album Kits are double-sided.
*All items are still listed in the index in the back of the catalog.
*We now list coordinating punches and still list the correct sizes of acrylic blocks with each stamp set.
*We have many "helps" at the front of the catalog as to where to find the album kits, projects, inspiring ideas, etc.
*We show 5 creative layouts on page 3 to help simplify the creative process for you. Many samples use these layouts and have the coordinating sketch number with it.

I will be posting some of our projects here and in my .com gallery when I get them uploaded.

My trip was quite eventful. The flight from Tucson to Denver was a bit late and I literally had to run from gate A26 to gate A60 at DIA (which is probably about a 1/2 mile). I made my flight as they were announcing my name and about 8 others, 2 of which were angels from Las Vegas! About 20 minutes into the flight from Denver to Wichita we hit turbulence! We were in a small 2 prop plane and WOW! What a ride! The flight attendant just started serving our beverages. I was in the second row and was lifting my soda to take a drink when my hand and drink flew into the air, almost hitting the overhead baggage holders! I only spilt a drop or two but people in the 3rd row really spilt. The attendant was on the floor. She crawled back to her seat and buckled in. The turbulance lasted about 10 minutes or so. I was feeling quite ill by now. Anyway, we flew out of the storm and she finished serving drinks and lots of paper towels. Now, on the way home was more excitement! We barely got on the small plane in Wichita and a gentleman 1 row back and across the isle was feeling real poorly. He was sweating terribly! Anyway, the EMTs were called and we sat there for 15 minutes. He got to feeling better and wanted to continue on so we finally got airborne. We did make up some time but still was a bit late landing in Denver. A few passengers missed their connecting flights, I made mine with about 5 - 10 minutes to spare and it wasn't clear across the terminal, it was only about 6 gates away. Did have a minute to make the Ladies Room. Got to Tucson about 9:30 and went shopping! Found a couple items I've been looking for at Joanns downtown then went to a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza for a child of one of Dean's co-workers. Got home about 5 pm, unloaded the car and found my chair. I was gone in 60 seconds! Well, more like 60 minutes. Dean woke me at 10 and we went to bed. I was up at 5:30 this morning to make his lunch, clean my washer (he washed his work uniform - YUCK!), and get online. So, now I need to take a shower, wash some clothes, and get unpacked and stuff. Catch you all later!


Sassy Runner Girl said...

Congrats, Carol!! That is awesome that you were published!
Sorry you had an "Eventful" flight but glad you had fun at seminar and made it home safe and sound! Don't forget to share some pics with us!

Mary Leeson said...

Congratulations! I love that card.