Monday, June 30, 2008

Company Updates

Please note that the following items from the Fall/Winter 2008 Inspiration Book & Catalogue are temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer and are therefore not able to be ordered at this time:

F-534 1 1/4" Brown Binding Wire page 114
F-539 4 x 4 Acrylic Covers page 114
F-540 6 x 6 Acrylic Covers page 114

I will post when these items are available.

And Item #’s F-503 Black Patina Memory Frames, F-504 Chrome Memory Frames, and F-502 2x2 Memory Glass from page 110 of the Spring/Summer 2008 Inspiration Book & Catalogue were inadvertently omitted from the current catalogue. These products are available for ordering using pricing and item #’s from the Spring catalogue.

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