Friday, April 19, 2019

He Is Not Here

Easter is this Sunday and I wanted to share this card I made using a gorgeous set of dies from Birch Press Designs.  It is called the Nativity Star layered dies and I used 3 of the 4 layers.  It is just gorgeous and so beautiful when cut from different shades of whatever color you want.  I shared one 2 days ago and it used all 4 layers.  Today is also Good Friday when we celebrate when Jesus rode the donkey colt into Jerusalem knowing that His life was near the end yet willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross for our sins.  I will be taking part in our church Sunrise Service and helping where needed.  We'll be at church about 4:30 or so.  I love when our pastor blows the shofar (ram's horn trumpet) and it sounds through the valley.

I chose shades of yellow to represent the sunrise and the beautiful text from the Color Cross stamp set because Jesus rose from the dead.

Here's a closer look at the star.  I maybe should have used the cross center but I wanted to use the Candy Dot in the center to represent the sun/Son. 

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Stampin Carol

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