Friday, April 5, 2019

A Sunburst Butterfly

Yesterday I was prepping and loading my tote for today's class when I came across a container of paper strips.  It was a couple kits to make Sunburst cards.  In digging through my photo files I found I taught this technique back in 2016... yes, 2016!!  I finished out one of the cards (I tossed the rest of the strips) and here's what developed.

All the print paper is old.  But all (but 1, Turbo Teal, the base of the butterfly) the solid card stocks and dies used are current and available.

Since I was using some old product the purple dots are also old and not available from FSJ or Spellbinders.

I think this turned out quite cheerful and springlike with the colors, don't you?

Stampin Carol

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