Monday, April 29, 2019

A Prickly Birthday

As I was cleaning a bit in my craft closet (I think I'm a hoarder) I came across a container with what FSJ coaches called "step out boards" for classes and parties.  These were scrapbook pages with step by step directions for cards to help with those either faster or slower in making their cards as I was teaching.  Since I am no longer a coach but an affiliate I didn't need them any more.  At my classes I take the time to make sure everyone can finish the cards and I do hand out flyers with pictures on them.  So.... I had a few cards that were in various stages to finish!   I looked through my files to find the original card but nope, not there.  How strange. Here is one that I changed up.

The original card had an orange where the cactus pots are and a different text.  Other wise just the placement of the dots and arrows are different.

Those cute pots of cactus are from Sizzix. It's a set of 3 stamps and 3 dies called Sending Hugs and I colored them with my Color Burst Pencils.

I like the change and it fits our area where we have so much cacti.

Stampin Carol

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