Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Workdesk Wednesday and Other Fun Stuff

I could not come up with a good post title this week.  A lot had to do with the potential project I'll be sharing!  But you do know (if you've been following me or visiting regularly) that I take part in a weekly tour of desks.  Yep, Workdesk Wednesday.  And crafters from all over Europe and the U.S. take part in this fun tour that is put together by head desker, Julia, at the Stamping Ground!  I enjoy the opportunity to visit other countries and desks and see great projects!  My desk this week is not real busy as I start some projects.

In front of my red Cricut is my paper trimmer with some sheets of white card stock on top.  To the right is a pile of stamp sets with some 3" x 3" stamped focal pieces that are of a swap I took part in through a coach at Fun Stampers Journey.  To the right some more focal pieces that I do not have coordinating sets to go with them.  To the far right is my actual work spot with some packages of shades of blue card stocks.  I got them out to see if they work with one of the focal pieces.

I shared my little focal piece and the card I made with it HERE.  I have to make cards from the above 11 but asked the swap coordinator if I could keep my cards rather than send them all back and get my 11 returned.  I'd rather take pics of all of the above and share instead of more cash outflow.  I think she's thinking about is as I"m not the only one wanting to keep these.

This post is a bit shorter than other Wednesday posts but that just gives you more time to check out the other desks!  Be sure to head over to the Stamping Ground!!  Oh, grab your favorite drink and be prepared to spend a bit of time!  There's usually about 60 or so of us by the time we all get linked.


Monica said...

An organized desk ready to turn out lots of cards. happy stampin!

April said...

What cute focal points. You have to send the cards back? I think I would want to make some doubles. They are so cute. :-)
April #45

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Those 3x3 cards are so much fun. It's been far too long since I made any. I think with my desk in the state it is and taking a class this semester it will be awhile before I make anything fun. Judy #49

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Carole. It is always difficult to make cards and then give them away. I always have to make duplicates and nearly always make two of everything. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 20

Shoshi said...

Lovely cards, Carol, and a nice organised work space! I love little cards, really cute. Thank you for your lovely comment and especially for your prayers - so much appreciated as always!!

Glad you like the cat box - I am so delighted with it. My hubby spoils me! Thank you for your good wishes for the rest of my treatments - only 3 to go now, with one on Friday. Seeing the oncologist and having bloods taken tomorrow.

Regarding my posting problems, it turns out it's nothing to do with Win10 - I tried posting from my old laptop (Win7) which has always worked fine, and it wouldn't post. It's caused by a change Google has made in its login process, and after a LOT of research this p.m. and evening I've finally got it sorted by setting up 2-step login, and giving Windows Live Writer a special password, and yayyy I did a test post and it went up with no problems!! The last fix I did didn't stick so I'm hoping this one will continue to work. So far I am mega delighted with Win10 and have had no problems apart from some Internet stuff at the very beginning but that was more to do with my new laptop than Win10, so I'd say go ahead with it, download it while it's still free! All apps and hardware that worked with Win7 or 8 are supposed to work OK and so far I haven't experienced any problems with them.

Cyberhugs back, bless you!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #29

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Those little focal points are like mini works of art..I can see why you don't want to give them up! Your desk is looking very busy this week, far more so than mine....I'm just not much in the sewing mood at the moment!
Hugs, LLJ 5 xxx

Lisca said...

Those little focal points are so cute. They are all so different! What a shame you have to send them away and get your own cards back. There's no point in that. You could stick them on a card yourself and save yourself the postage...
Thanks for stopping by earlier. Yes we have have a lot of stairs. When we get older we'll have a chairlift installed!
Have a good week,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah wonderful share Carol sorry am very very late ( love the howdy card up above, those wee cards are very cute, am with you n not wasting post cost too... Great crafty space... Thanks for popping over too Shaz in Oz.x 27

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

BTW I wouldn't download win 10, unless you have...... is (fine print) only free for first year, then if you don't want an add laden platform you will have to pay an annual fee to have it advertisement free. I also did have conflicts with hardware with it you may have read my posts on it..
Shaz in Oz.x