Monday, September 14, 2015

Houses, Tools, Paints, and Splashes

Fun Stampers Journey is now into Mixed Media.  I have never done this so when they put bundles together for us and any customers to purchased I jumped in!

If you go to the FSJ Specials page (tab just under the header at the top of my blog)  you will see all the bundles available.  When I seen these little houses I started thinking CHRISTMAS!!!  A friend wanted to do these, too, so I purchased 2 of the House to Home bundles and, gulp, all the tools, color splashes, paints, and mediums to decorate them.  The houses have 2 stencils and a set of stamps along with punched flowers, some other embellishments, and the link to the online class for making these. 

Now that I have these things I will be getting rid of all my walnut inks, Pinata paints, and oh so much.  Gotta make room!  The outgoing stuff will be taken to our local thrift store.  The box is quite full!

These 11 color splashes are quite vivid!  I hope to play some with them later this week. I even know where my watercolor paper is!!

And finally the tools.  The soft rubber brayer is quite large compared to my regular hard rubber brayer.  And the "spatula" is metal while my old one is plastic.  The brushes are really nice, so much better than the really cheap ones I have for water color painting.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

My gosh! You are jumping into a whole new venture with this mixed media stuff. We'll stay tuned to see the final results, and hopefully some of the results in between.