Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fun Stampers Journey August Special

FSJ is having a fabulous August special... DOUBLE rewards!

If you are wanting to order through me, please click through the  Holiday Mini FSJ Logo at the top of my sidebar then click shop.  Don't forgot to order your FREE items!  And if you're in the Tucson, AZ area, contact me if you want to party with FSJ!

I also just uploaded to my FSJ Specials page the newest info on product release.  FSJ has had some issues with products not shipping to them so a few items will not show up if you try to order them.  Please check the page and scroll down to the 2 jpeg images of the "Release Wave Dates!".

And if you do place an order you may find some of your wanted items are on backorder.  There has been massive ordering since the catalog came out and many items have run out.  Please be patient!  Knowing that some product is not available just means it's VERY popular!  Check back again!

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

Speaking of the Tucson area, have you ever been up here for the SALSA stamp group meeting? Stampers At Large Stamping Away is what it officially stands for but hubby calls it the Silly Assed Ladies Stamping Association.