Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workdesk Wednesday 282 and A Spring Loaded Card

Wonderful Wednesday.  A great day for a blog hop of desks!  If you've been following me you know what today represents.  If you're new please click on the WOYWW emblem in the side bar.  And this fun blog tour is all because of the head desker, Julia, at the Stamping Ground!  I enjoy getting the opportunity to see all the different work areas, organizational ideas, and fun projects!

I'm still unpacking my stuff from a retreat this past weekend.  Since I was on staff with the store that sponsored it I ended up working instead of making.  I did get 1 card done and you'll see it here.  But my desk, I finally got my blue craft mat back where it belongs and most of this stuff put away.  This mess just bugs me terrible because I cannot think of creating anything with there is so much stuff in my way!

This card is one of my samples for a class I'm teaching in February.  I need to get all my cards for the 3 classes done REAL soon so that I can take pictures and make up 25 posters to advertise.  I used some dies to make the flowers and butterflies.

It is hard to see and I could NOT get a good picture but I punched out a 2 1/2" circle of acetate and cut it into a spiral.  The center "end" is glue dotted to the bottom and the outer "end" is on the top. I covered the ends with a butterfly and flower.  I have each of those also adhered to the clear spiral to make them float.  I'm way more please with the acetate than using card stock for the spirals but I will teach both to my class.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it for a closer look. Oh, I embossed clouds on the top panel and flowers on the bottom. 

And now that I'm done with my post please don't forget to pop over to the Stamping Ground and take part in the hop.  Be prepared to spend some time with your eyes on your screen!!  There's much to see!


KraftyKaren said...

Such pretty cards - I hope you get lots of takers for your class. I like the idea of using acetate for making the spiral - I am sure it works really well. I did a class once and we used cardstock and it didn't work that well - I still have it in my box, I think I might see if I can gently take it apart and use some acetate instead. Have a good week

KraftyKaren #58

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Your desk looks extra busy this week and it sounds as though you have been too. I should have a little rest now. Nice card too.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

Lisca said...

That's a lovely card.I love the idea of using an acetate spiral.
Have a good week,
Thank you for letting look over your shoulder,

glitterandglue said...

A lovely card, Carol. I trust you will get everything done in time, and that your class goes really well.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #16

Laura (Bookworm) said...

Hi, Carol, I'm with you -- if my table gets too messy it makes me nuts until I put some stuff away. Your card is cool -- I don't think I've ever seen a spiral inside like that. The acetate, being clear, makes it really fun. Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #64

Eliza said...

I really like your card and what a clever idea using acetate like that who would of thunk it. LOL good luck with your class I am sure it will be brilliant.

Sorry just getting to visit till now, DD stole my computer and I didn't want to reply on the iPad as it takes forever.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda #9
Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW

Queenie Jeannie said...

Cute card!! I like things tidy too, but lately my whole room as been a mess! Ugh! Hang in there!

Happy crafting!
Jeannie #27

Chrysalis said...

What a brilliant idea to use the spirals - must try that one! Thanks for sharing. I hope you get the clutter cleared quickly - I hate to work in a mess, too, but often do! The cards are lovely, and great inspiration for your students. Have a lovely week, Chris # 24

Julia Dunnit said...

My word, your advance planning is very impressive indeed. And what a great idea with the acetate coil, clevere you.
I work in a mess, but I have to start tidy at some point, so I understand about the retreat unpacking. Shame you ended up in a working role.

itsamistry said...

That's really interesting using acetate swirls adds great dimension to the card. I love your desk it's so bright and fun with lots things to pick up and play with. Thank you for visiting my blog Anita woyww 44

April said...

Love the card. It makes me ready for spring. :-) April #69